Georgie and Kelli Make: Easy 20 minute Skillet Lasagna

I’m going to start a new series on the blog called “Georgie and Kelli Make”.  Kelli is way into trying new recipes and Georgie is way into cooking.  I love blogging about recipes but honestly, I don’t try new things very often anymore.  With just me to cook for…or when the kids are home to eat here, they want “their favorites”…that I just don’t cook a lot of new things.  When I do, of course, I will share them…in the meantime, sit back and enjoy some food from the Hanken kitchen.

On the menu today is Easy 20-minute Skillet Lasagna.

Kelli said she found the recipe at Six Sisters Stuff.   You can find the recipe HERE.

Kelli said she really likes this website. Much of the stuff that they make has common ingredients that she has in her house or common ingredients to pick up.  For example, this called for bow tie noodles.  Kelli didn’t have them but they were easy to find and pick up.

With Kelli’s nursing schedule working a weekend package with 12 hours shifts, she’s found that it works great to make two different meals on Thursday and then have them for eating over the weekend.

Here is the Skillet Lasagna all finished and ready for serving.

Here’s Georgie’s plate…Cottage Cheese is a staple at their house.  Georgie loves it!

She didn’t have to be persuaded to eat the cottage cheese…

The noodles needed a bit more coaxing but she did it….and she liked them.

She’ll eat almost anything with noodles and that’s one of the reasons Kelli gave this recipe a try.

So this recipe got a thumbs up from the Hanken house.  I think I’m going to have to make Kelli put a little serving size amount in the freezer for me so I can try them too.  That, would be perfect!!

12 thoughts on “Georgie and Kelli Make: Easy 20 minute Skillet Lasagna”

  1. Oh gosh–that makes me so hungry for Lasagna!!! I’ve been craving Spaghetti Pie too– that was a favorite for family that I was nanny for for 15 years. Now that it’s just me to cook for, Lasagna and the Spaghetti Pie doesn’t happen. Tho the last is going to be something I do very soon! Georgie looks so cute –enjoying her meal!!

  2. Georgie is such a sweetheart!! I know nurses are used to it but I don’t know how they do 12 hour shifts! The good is that they don’t ned to work as man-days, but I admire them for doing it. Oh and the meal looks good too!

  3. Georgie is such a sweetheart! I know nurses are used to it, but I sure admire Kelli and other nurses for working those 12-hour shifts. I guess the good part is that they don’t need to work as many days to get the hours in. The lasagna looks yummy!

  4. I agree, 12 hour shifts must be wearing. Thank you for helping to keep us all healthy, Kelli. Georgie is such a treasure and a pickle girl, too! I’ve made a “hot dish” similar to the 20-minute lasagna before and I’ve been eyeing up a recipe for Spaghetti Pizza. It might be time to try it! Thanks for sharing your family’s adventures, Jo. Prayers for recovery continue.

  5. I make a version of this all the time, but I use hot Italian sausage that has been grilled outside or inside, in my Ninja 5 in 1 grill/air fryer. I have to omit sour cream, as I can’t do dairy. Sometimes I cover it with loads of mozzarella and bake it all for 15 mins coveted, and 10 minutes uncovered. Super simple and serves a crowd. Great to freeze leftovers for a quick meal on a rainy or cold day.

  6. How cute is Georgia, painted nails and sweet smile. The recipe looks good and easy to make ahead. Thank you, Kelli, for sharing with us all.

  7. Diana in Des Moines

    My grands LOVE cottage cheese. But so do me, my husband and their dad. At least 2 cartons a week around here.
    I’m always looking for new recipes, so thanks for the link

  8. Love the picture of the spoon going into Georgie’s mouth! What a cutie. I have been watching Frugal Fit Mom YouTubes lately. She does several easy crock pot recipes. I remember sometime back Kelli was looking for easy recipes. These might give her some options. I think cooking with kids encourages them to try things they might not otherwise.

  9. I like cottage cheese – back when I was growing up Mom would serve cottage cheese with pineapple or canned pears on a lettuce leaf. Sometimes I have cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast.

  10. I only eat Anderson/Erickson cottage cheese. It’s the best. I’ve gotten my neighbor hooked on it also. But we live in Missouri and will have to wait for a trip to Iowa to get my next fix.

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