Georgia’s Quilt: A FINISH!!

It’s FINISHED.  It’s FINISHED.  It’s FINISHED.  I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I feel like this quilt has been hanging and hanging over my head.

After I got the top finished I immediately loaded the quilt onto the frame.  I didn’t want this to sit any longer than it already had.  It was time to push through to the finish!

I quilted with white thread on top and white on the bottom.

I went with a motif of tight circles within circles.  I often use this on baby quilts as I anticipate that they will be washed often.

Here you can see the backing fabric…I thought it was perfect for the quilt.

Here it is fresh off the quilting machine….

My momentum didn’t stop there.  I wanted this finished as in COMPLETELY FINISHED.  So next up binding.

I machine bind so I was only about 45 minutes away from having this finished and there was nothing that was going to get in the way of me completely finishing this up.  So pedal to the metal…I BUZZED.

…and here it is FINISHED!!!

I took lots and lots  of pictures of it as so many people are so curious in how a quilt like this comes together.

Someone asked me if I knew that the flying geese that make the heart were going in different directions.  Yes..I did know.  I purposely did that to add to the wonkiness.

The center where the heart is is comprised of 8″ blocks.  Around that is a row of 4″ units.  Then there is an extra row of 4″ units on the top and bottom of the heart.  I’m not calling the 4″ ones blocks as the “stuff” I piece together doesn’t get “squared” it can be any length but it can only be 4″ tall.  That keeps the quilt looking more eclectic and less “block-like”.

When I made this quilt, I made the letters first and sewed the border together first.  Because of the size and position of the letters, I needed the center of the quilt to be longer to match the borders so that’s why there is an extra 4″ border on the top and bottom of the center heart in the quilt.

Nothing is uniform in the quilt.  Stars are twisted to be slightly wonky.  Stripes are  mixed with plaids.

Some stars like the green one in the picture below are barely noticeable as the green background is so loud.

If you look close in the picture below you can see that the green star I was referring to in in one of the 4″ borders at the top of the center…The purple plus sign is in the other 4″ border.  If you don’t look hard, it’s not easy to see.

There is Georgia’s “G”…the first letter she’ll likely learn.

Here’s another close up picture…I’m sure you can pick out the two 4″ rows here.

Here’s a picture of the backing…isn’t it perfect?

When making a quilt like this I highly recommend having a focus color.  For me, it’s the solid purple.  I think it helps rein the craziness all in.  When I was preparing to make the quilt I debated on the color.  The quilt was for a girl so I though pink or purple would be the best color.  I decided on purple…here’s why:

I had LOTS of pink shirts to use.  I had few purple shirts to use.  I decided that by using the purple, that would allow the pink fabrics to shine on their own.

After I got the border letters sewn I made a bi-jillion flying geese…I kept making and making and making.  I used them throughout the quilt as rows of flying geese, in units to make the heart and LOTS to make the star points.

Here is Georgie with her quilt….

It just happened that she wore matching clothes the day I presented it to her.

She was all smiles.  
I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this finished…happier than the smile Georgie is giving you!!  I’ve felt like it’s been hanging on me…now it’s finished.  She can enjoy it.  Georgie can enjoy it and I can sew something else!!  A big YAHOO all the way around.

If you want to see other crumb quilts that I’ve made along with some tutorials, check out this link.

51 thoughts on “Georgia’s Quilt: A FINISH!!”

  1. What an adorable quilt for an adorable little girl!!! The backing is perfect too! So happy for you that you got this quilt finished! Georgia looks thrilled! She’s going to enjoy it for years!

  2. That backing fabric is perfect for this quilt. Don’t you just love it when things fall into place? You did a great job on the quilt and I’m sure Georgia will treasure it for years to come. Now onto something else.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. I am finally using up the shirt yokes you gave me several years ago. I put square 3.5 inch pieces in several plaid quilts that will be donated and then cut the smaller pieces into 2 X 3.5 inch pieces to go into another set of quilt tops. I think of you and your quilts when I am working with those pieces.

  4. Wonderful quilt finish and very special photos of Georgia on her quilt. Thanks for sharing your artistic talent for piecing the improv quilt.

  5. That is awesome and I love the colors. But that baby girl — she makes me smile and laugh just looking at her pictures; what a true baby doll she is!

  6. Jo-This is such a wonderful quilt, all artsy and creative. It’s been such a long journey for you and this quilt, but when I saw the picture of Georgia and her smile, it just seemed to me that time doesn’t matter. Georgia got her quilt at the right and perfect time. And you are now free to create more timeless pieces of love. Thinking of you…

  7. The quilt is amazing, and so are you for finishing it while you are grieving for your loss. I’m sure Georgia will come to know the circumstances surrounding her quilt which will make it especially precious. Well done Jo!

  8. Jo, this is one of the prettiest quilts you’ve made! I LOVE IT! The back is perfect and the freedom and wonky – ness of the blocks and sour colors make this an outstanding quilt. I can understand your feelings being finished with iit but all you have been through as this took shape have made it outstanding. Georgia will love this for many years. She is an adorable baby!

  9. This quilt is adorable! I know you are glad to have it done. There have been lots of changes in your life while it was in progress. Congrats on a finish.

  10. Great quilt! I love the purple. The heart design is wonderful. Georgia will love and treasure her quilt made by her precious grandmother always.

  11. Its a great quilt finish and seeing all those smiles on Georgia face is priceless. Happiness with this great quilt finish.

  12. Jo, this might be one of my favorite quilts ever! It’s so busy…perfect for a child, but most perfect for your Georgie Girl! And the purple was an outstanding choice…of course, I love purple!

  13. Georgia’s smiles says it all. Priceless love. I see you are of the same opinion as me. Make the baby quilt big enough to last them through babyhood. I really meant it when I said I want that pattern. The letters I have. The heart and wild geese are the problem. Thanks and kiss the babies for me. Please.

  14. Just beautiful! LOVE IT! Georgie looks soooooo happy. She resembles her Mama in that smiling pic too. Where did those cheeks come from???? :-) Enjoy her Jo, she’s a keeper. She will love that blanket also!

  15. Fabulous….. you are the quilter I am soooooooooooooooo impressed & that baby Georgia girl so SWEET ….as always you are the one my friend ………FANTASTIC Quilt I love it as well as all of the ones I’ve looked at ….keep on keeping on Jeanne :)

  16. Jo, this is an awesome finish!! I love everything about this quilt, and what an amazing gift that will be with Georgie throughout her whole life!! I am sure she will treasure it more and more as she grows up….
    Thanks so much for sharing this quilt!!

  17. Totally loved Georgia’s quilt, especially the heart center!!! Such a perfect quilt for a perfect little girl!!
    What a beautiful family you have and what a wonderful grandma and mom they have!!!

  18. Jo what a sweet quilt and a sweet baby. She will love it more as she gets older and sees all the work you have done. You are just so creative. Your Canadian Friend

  19. I’m having a hard time with which words to describe Georgia’s quilt. I find the quilt beautiful, brilliant, fabulous, wonky and just the type of quilt that I wish I could create. I need to practice your tutorials on how to make the blocks for a similar quilt – which probably won’t come close to looking this good. Thanks for sharing.

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE Georgia’s quilt! It’s organic, it’s scrappy, it’s made from shirts, it’s unique, it’s a quilt she can grow with, and it’s girly! You did a beautiful job, Jo! Love your photos of it, and with Georgia, too!

  21. I absolutely LOVE this quilt! It is amazing! So glad you’ve finished it because you were working on it during a very difficult time and that made it harder to finish. Deep breath and do something for yourself! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all the “C” stuff again. Life just isn’t fair. Try to enjoy the grandkids and stay busy…that is the best way to get through hard times.

  22. This has to be one of my favorite baby quilts ever. It is gorgeous. I love the picture of Georgia on it. Your creativity is amazing!

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