Georgia’s Baby Shower

We had a fun Saturday….It started out with Kalissa and I going to town garage sales in Protivin and ended with a family supper.  In between was Georgia’s baby shower for the Hanken side of the family.

It was a great shower.  We’ve done enough things with the Hanken side of the family that things feel really smooth whenever we are with them.  I love that.  The Hanken’s are good family!!

Georgia was, of course, star of the show.

Most of us were there from our family….
Left to right, Kalissa with Gannon, Lora with Lucy, Kelli with Georgia and me, the proud momma/grandmomma of them.

The decorations were cute.  Kelli plans on putting the letters in Georgia’s room.

Lucy, Buck and Lora’s little girl was precious.  She loved on the babies lots.

Gannon was really good and he got plenty of his own attention!

I love this picture.  I love it lots.  Georgia is an excellent baby…not fussy and very content.

Of course no event is complete without pictures of the two littlest grand babies….so we took this picture…

and this picture too.  Aren’t they precious??

I thought I better show off the quilts that were gifted to Georgia…

Diane who runs Forest Mills Quilt Shop with her sister made this.  It is so cute.  I knew someone would ask so I asked Diane if they had this in the quilt shop and she said YES.  They have the kits.  (Here is the contact information if you’d want to order a kit)

Jason’s Grandma Lois, stitched this baby quilt for Georgia.  It’s all embroidery and so-so cute.

I think Diane and Carolyn did the quilting for Lois…yep.  They do long arm quilting too!!

It was a fun baby shower.  Kelli was so happy to see everyone and share that baby girl of hers.

We all think she is the most precious!!

10 thoughts on “Georgia’s Baby Shower”

  1. You have been blessed with a big lovely family and 2 very precious new members. Glad you all had that fun time together.

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    In the midst of sorrow, you have been given the greatest gift of all: Family love that will last way beyond this rough patch, and children that you can love and cherish. My, but they are so beautiful.

  3. Yes, they certainly are precious, you are so lucky, not one, but two infant grand babies! Love the pics, hope the babies continue to do well!

  4. Everybody looks so good! All the babies have grown and are so alert!
    You & Roger have a blessed Holy Week! Same to ALL the blogging friends, families, and the Childcare Kiddos!

  5. Your blog just made my heart smile Jeanne, with all that has happened w/your family so nice to see all the fun fun pictures & gorgeous babies :) looks like a fun time was had by all… You do such a good job keepingup w/everything………. wow………. I copied that asparagus recipe sounds very good we love asparagus here Thanks :) Keep on keeping on HUGS & Prayers for all

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