Georgia “Sews”

Georgia’s birthday is coming up soon.  She is really into dolls.  When she was little I bought her a Bitty Baby and she plays with it all the time.  Kelli decided that she would sew a couple of outfits for Georgia’s doll for her birthday.  Needless to say, it’s been quite an adventure.

Georgia is going to be two and she is “all of two”.  She wants to be a part of EVERYTHING.

While Kelli has been sewing, Georgia has been playing in the scraps.  Here is “Teetee”.  That’s what she calls her baby getting “fitted” for her new clothes.

Kelli said she is so entertained by this.

What a busy girl…

I think she is going to…
be a great quilter.  Look at her “sorting” out the scraps.  These are all leftovers from Kelli’s mask making.  Georgie loves them as they have tractors, Mickey, and all sorts of other stuff.

Sort, sort, sort…

Then when Kelli got away from the machine Georgie jumped right up there.

Here she looks so serious.

Oh-oh.  No touching the buttons…

More scrap sorting.

Oh, look at this one.  It’s blue!!

Dig in and grab some more…

They say start them little…and Kelli is starting with Georgia.  No, she’s not actually using the machine.  She’s just playing with fabric.  She makes a bit of a mess but it’s totally worth it.

I sure hope I’m around to actually get to see her use a sewing machine one day!!  Like I said she’s a busy girl but she’s really a lot of fun!!

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  1. Georgia is so adorable!! So smart!! All the grandkids are! We dont have any grandchildren so it’s heartwarming to enjoy and love everybody elses!
    Happy Birthday, Georgia!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Yes start them young. Seeing Georgia play with scraps reminds me of being little. Probably not as young as Geogia . Mom let us play with everything except the machine and scissors. All but one us sisters sew. Grands are so much fun!. Georgia will probably be using Momma’s machine by 7 or 8.

  3. Oh so much fun for mom and Georgia – and grandma too! Going through the fabrics is so good for her to see the different size pieces and just feel the pieces. I so hope you will get to see her when she is a tad older and you can help her make her first quilt.

  4. Precious moments for sure! Little ones are sponges at this age and learn at our feet. She may be an amazing stitcher one day!

  5. Jo, I love this post!! I think quilting is definitely in this child’s future!! By the time she is old enough to actually use a sewing machine, she will have absorbed so much sewing and quilting, and fabric sorting/selections from you, from her mom, and from her aunties, she will hit the ground running!

  6. I loved loved loved this post. Georgia is a beautiful child. This post took me back to the last years of my parent’s life and the fun we had every Saturday. My two sisters and I met at our parent’s house on Saturday morning early. We cooked a big breakfast, cleaned the house, and completed any outdoor chores that were within realm of our doable. Then the real fun began. Mom was piecing a queen size apple core quilt. She wanted every piece to be from a different fabric. I traveled with my job during the week so I visited lots of quilt shops and bought many many yards of fabric. On Saturday we would cut out Mom’s apple core then divided the fabric into thirds and we each took a piece. Many times my sister brought her granddaughter and she loved to play with the fabrics. Seeing Georgia playing with her scraps brought such a wonderful memory. Thank you.

  7. SEW cute, Jo!!! I had a little friend who would stack fabric as I sorted. One pile for Miss Joy and one pile for Little Miss. Like Georgia, she was only 2. When I dumped the scrap bags on the floor for sorting, Little Miss would wallow in the scraps before I could begin and say they were all for her. Thanks for sending me on a little trip down memory lane!

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    She has been watching somebody sort fabrics!! She has the look in her eyes! And, she is laying the pieces on her baby as if they are going to be quilt. Look for a toy machine she can play with, she will be sewing before you know it!
    Thanks for a fun look into the future with a little girl who looks like her Grandma and Mommy.

  9. Beryl in Owatonna

    She has been watching somebody sort fabrics!! She has the look in her eyes! And, she is laying the pieces on her baby as if they are going to be quilt. Look for a toy machine she can play with, she will be sewing before you know it!
    Thanks for a fun look into the future with a little girl who looks like her Mommy and Grandma.

  10. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    That Georgie was a beautiful newborn and still is, with such cute actions. I love that she is interested in fabric already; a quilter for sure.
    Thanks for a great post, Jo.

  11. I had bought machines for my girls before they were born and before I even knew they were girls! LOL They completed their first quilts on their machines at 7 years old. VERY SIMPLE 10″ squares and wide borders. I had them quilted at the longarmer and we put on the binding. They have something they can show that they made themselves. It is a big motivator. They have both started other sewing. I am letting them run with it. We are having so much fun! (oh, and they are 10 now)

  12. Georgia is so sweet! I love seeing her play in scraps – Kelli has her off to a good start! I am so thrilled by her name – you don’t see if often and it was my mother’s name. Blessings to you all!

  13. Oh, the pictures where she is examining the BLUE fabric – she has thready lint on her black clothes, she is definitely a quilter’s daughter! I haven’t seen much of my own grandchildren even though there are 11 living within an hour of me. Thank you both for sharing these pictures.

  14. I just love that little girl watching her is so fun. I have 8 granddaughters and only two have interest in quilting. I must have done something wrong . Love your blogs Jo. Shirley

  15. Loved reading this post as I can see my granddaughter doing this, I kept her from the age of 3 months till she started school. She absolutely loved playing with scraps! To this day when she comes over she’ll say Grannie can we go dig in the fabric? Best times ever!

  16. Such a cute little girl! And such a fun post–made my day. My own granddaughter will be three in April and she, too, loves to play with my scraps and put them on my design wall. I hope she’ll be a quilter one day, in the meantime, I’m doing what I can to encourage her.

  17. OMG. You made me cry. I remember my two sorting by colors or shapes while Mommy got in her 15 min of sewing each day. Thank you for a memory.

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