Geese on a String

Guess what I don’t need??  A new project.  My plate is full.  I have LOTS of projects in the works and a couple must do’s on the list.  So what do I do?  Dream.

It’s the tendency of a true quilter I think.  Don’t we all have a project still going and start dreaming and thinking about the next one?

Several year ago Bonnie Hunter was making these scrappy triangles on her blog.  I jumped in with two feet.  I was sure that sometime she’d come out with a quilt featuring them.

Previously she had done with her spool blocks.  I had jumped with two feet into that too.  I thought I was doing so fabulous.  I made something like 350 of them and once that pattern came out I needed over 600.  Well this time, I wasn’t going to be duped quite so badly (or so I thought)  I made 425 of these triangle pieces.

Well in Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Frenzy, she released the pattern that uses the triangles.

This is the quilt- Geese on a String.
I love the pattern.  How fun but what I have and the look of the pattern, they don’t jive at all.  Cheddar..nope.  My green would need to be lime.  Ah.  I was a little disappointed.  Then I remembered that I have two girls in childcare that I would need to make quilts for next year.

Hm…How could I tweak the colors to make something that uses my triangles…something that looks girly…something I could make two of so the quilts are similar but not exactly matching?

Here’s the idea I came up with….First off I have more the DOUBLE the amount of geese pieces that are needed for ONE quilt so two quilts it is.

I need it to be more girly so where the cheddar color is, I’ll put in white..all scrappy pieces.
YES.  I like that idea (at least in theory)  Once those are done I can tackle the color selection for the strips where the green is.  Right now I have this planned, I think….the four patches in the strip will be white with purple and where the green is I’ll put a pink.

I’ll make decisions for sure as I go.  For now I need to complete the geese units with white based triangles.  So I cut them out over the last few days of nap time.  I also cut extra 1 1/2″ strips for the four patches.

Here it is cut out and ready for me when I get some machine time…and I’m not working on a different project.  I don’t need these until NEXT Christmas.

While I was cutting strips from my fat quarters I ended up cutting the entire fat quarter up.  I now have extras for the strip buckets.  PERFECT!!

One day down the road when I need strips, I’m going to go to my strip buckets and be oh-so-happy that I have these already there.

I’m super excited to be tackling the first quilt from the new String Frenzy book.  I am also so happy that I had a jump start on the project by making the geese way back when.  I can’t wait to actually get sewing on the quilt….

For those of you who were wondering if I was sick of string quilts, obviously, the answer is NO!!

Those of you who bought the book, what’s the first quilt you are making??

14 thoughts on “Geese on a String”

  1. Love those strippy geese triangles and they look perfect with the whites. Nice mixture of white fabrics! Your idea of purple and white 4patches with pink backgrounds sound perfect too.

  2. Jo, it’s inspirational that you made the triangles in advance of the pattern. I may have to try that in the future. My book just arrived last Thursday and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pattern for Daybreak. I LOVED it when she was making it during quilt cam time, and it’s my favorite in the book. The Straits of Mackinac is a close second. I will make them both. I’ll make others from the book, for sure, but these two I will make and keep for myself. I only keep my very favorites.

  3. Those two quilts will get done quickly with the string pieces ready to roll. I haven’t ordered the book yet but its on the list. They sell out so fast, glad she keeps getting more.

  4. I love your ideas for the colors. I’m not a cheddar fan and think your colors will be very pretty. My first choice from the new book is Straits of Mackinac. I love blue and white quilts.

  5. I have been in love with the Serpentine Web quilt for awhile so that’s probably the one I’ll do but it will have to wait for a few other Bonnie quilts already in progress. Some time ago I purchased turquoise to use as the constant color for it instead of the yellow.

  6. I have all the string pieces for dawns early light and the blocks for xing and the four patches for indigo a gogo but I have been collecting the taupe for sand castles, so I will probably start there.

  7. I am seriously considering buying the book just so I can get the pattern for Straits of Mackinac. I mean, I am from Michigan after all lol

  8. When something like that happens, it just supports, at least in my opinion, that you were meant to do that project….
    I was on the fence about doing Bonnie’s mystery this year. Then I got caught up in seeing postings of fabric selections….but here is what made the decision for me. When I was pulling fabrics, I found some strips already cut in the right width for making the four patch blocks,and the right colors for the mystery quilt! Then, yesterday, I was looking for something and found a whole container of 1.5 inch squares, in neutrals, that can be used for the four patch blocks. The container is small, but there a bunch of these little squares, already cut, ready to go….and, they will make my four patches quite scrappy! Love it!!! Now, I just need some time to make them! I am so far behind on this mystery, but I am plugging along, a couple of blocks here and there. I will catch up, eventually.
    So just take it as a sign…finding those scrappy triangles means you have to use them in Geese on a String!! That’s my story, and I am sticking to it!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. All of them! This book is the one that I want to make all of them!!!! I may try the Crumb Jumble as a grad gift first, but I am itching to do some serious string piecing! Thankfully, I am on break until Jan 3 and sewing on some of my projects is on the TOP of my list.

  10. Your quilts are going to be fantastic! I just recognized some fabric I sent you! LOL! It’s the purple and green plaid, so nice to see it being used:)

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