Geese on a String

I picked up an old project and I’m working full speed ahead on it.  The project is Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.  I made the scrappy triangle blocks long ago.  Bonnie had them on her blog and had a tutorial on how to make the scrappy blocks but the pattern stopped there.  I always thought a pattern would come out and but for the longest time it didn’t.  Then when the new book came out, there was a pattern that used the scrappy triangle blocks I had.

Oh.  My.  I like the quilt but this didn’t compliment the color choices I had made.  UGH.  Now what to do?  On top of that, I had made more than double the amount of triangles I needed.  Hmmm.

In January I came up with a plan.  I would make two quilts and gift them…either as graduation or childcare presents.  I decided to change up the color scheme.  The triangles got scrappy white based corners.  I would not make the four patches completely scrappy.  I would make only pink and white four patches.

I got working on that and then…Kramer got diagnosed with cancer.  The project came to a stand still.  It’s been sitting on my treadle sewing machine ever since.  In an effort to clean my sewing room I decided these are going to get finished.  So I started piecing the strips together.

When I first started piecing them, I wasn’t a fan….but the more I work with them, I like them.   Here I am giving on of them a good ironing before I start in on the borders.

This is the purple based one.

This picture shows the true color a little bit better.
They are BUSY…very BUSY!

This is the pink version.

It was raining so I couldn’t take the pictures outside in better lighting.   Again, this close up is better lighting and more like the actual colors.

I cut the inner borders.  The one with the purple solid is getting a purple inner border and the one with the pink solid is getting a pink solid inner border.

After that it’s scrappy piano borders for these and those are already started.

These quilts feel like they are going together in lightning speed but it’s easy to forget that LONG ago I made the triangles.  Long ago I sewed the strips.  Now it’s really just putting them together.

I’ll be thrilled to get these done…partly for a finish…partly to clean them up out of the sewing room and party because I’ll have two gifts finished!!

Watch for these to be headed to the quilting machine soon.  I’m sticking with my commitment that I won’t put any quilts in a flimsy pile.  They are getting machine quilted right away….I’m NOT adding to that pile.

27 thoughts on “Geese on a String”

  1. I really like this pattern too and have been thinking about making one. Your color choices are beautiful. It’s so helpful to me to see quilts in alternate color ways. These have turned out just beautifully, Jo! They will certainly delight someone!!

  2. I really like your color choices ! Can’t wait to see them done. I just might have to put this on my list to do now!!

  3. Nice quilts! I like the way you put the solid pinks and purples in each top. I like scrappy quilts but sometimes they are too busy and visually overpowering. These scrappy triangles shine between the rows of controlled fabrics. Someone is going to love these as gifts!

  4. I’m not a big cheddar fan, so Bonnie’s quilt never really appealed to me. But I love the pink and purple you used!

  5. I love these, Jo! I’m a Bonnie Hunter fan, but oh, all those tiny pieces! I’m working on her Idaho Square Dance quilt. I bet it feels good to get these together!

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    What cheerful quilts – they would add wonderful color to any room. I do realize the hours that went into the making of them. Beautiful.

  7. Love love love them!! I have this quilt in progress in the color way Bonnie used. I was treadling them as I was new to it and making strings was easy on the treadle. I started on the 4-patch units and found that precision wasn’t happening just yet so I put it all away. I need to pull out a regular machine and get back to work.

  8. The purples & pinks are sooo pretty! Love your scrappy fabrics & personal changes ~ especially the color changes!

  9. Two great Quilts-in-the-making. So pleased you are getting on with them. And I love your decision to quilt them immediately and not let them sit in a flimsy pile. Well done !

  10. Another two stellar quilts. I love the scrappy bound by the solids. It really gives the eyes something to rest on. Great job. Glad you are keeping the flimsy pile down. I might have to follow your lead.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  11. Bonnie Lippincott

    I like the quilt, the one in the book was not so inspiring . . . that purple! It really sets it off, especially with the pink and white four patches. I love it!

  12. I agree with several of the commenters about loving your color choices. I love Bonnie Hunter but didn’t care for the colors she chose. It was a stroke of brilliance adding in the scrappy white corners as they really set off your geese. Love them both!

  13. I love your version of this pattern. Both quilts have a more updated feel than Bonnie’s version. Who ever receives these will love them.

  14. Oh my!!!!! Your pink AND purple versions of Geese on a String are just WONDERFUL! Jo, you have a great eye for color combinations. And you are so productive! I love reading your blog!

  15. Judith Fairchild

    Oh I like or instincts. The singleness of your four patch strips in the pink and purple pull the whole quilt together beautifully. Love both of I had to pick one over the other I couldn’t. Getting things done sure brightens up any day.

  16. Jo, would of never thought to do this pattern. They are beautiful. The purple one really is awesome. Another UFO project done. Good for you.

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