Garlic Toast

If you read Kalissa’s blog you might have seen that we went to the bakery in Cresco a couple of weeks ago.  We got rolls for her to take to the farm….we got rolls for Karl…for us, we got Garlic Bread.  I love rolls.  I really do.  But when given the choice of sweet or savory, I pick savory.

So a couple of days after the bakery trip, I was making my lasagna for the family….Find the Lasagna recipe-ish HERE.

I had more family coming and nothing to really serve with the lasagna so I ran out to the garden and got a cabbage (Yes we love cooked cabbage- Cut it in wedges and instant pot in on manual for 20 minutes then add butter and salt)…well I wanted something else to go with all of that…There, sitting on the island was the loaf of bread we got at the bakery.  Immediately I’ve thought GARLIC BREAD.

I’ve never had a good garlic bread recipe.  I just wing it.  We end up with something crusty on top and soggy on the bottom…but oh well.  I buttered up one side of the bread.  I sprinkled LOTS of garlic powder and onion powder on it and put it on the pan to put in the oven.

That’s when it hit me….TRY THE AIR FRYER.

I did.  Sadly I can only get about 8-10 slices in at a time but I turned it on high and in a couple of minutes the batch was done.  I’m guessing maybe 3 minutes depending on the wattage and such of you air fryer.

If you try this, experiment the first couple times to see how many minutes works for your own personal preference.  Some people like their toast crusty…some a little softer.

This is how the Kramer family likes it.

I was so happy to have finally figured out how to make garlic toast the way we like it…AIR FRYER for the win!!

8 thoughts on “Garlic Toast”

  1. Wow!! Would have never thought about using an air fryer for garlic toast! Still need to buy one and I keep putting it off and then chastising myself when I bake french fries…lol

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I like garlic toast however it’s fixed. I do prefer crispy. I think you have a major winner. If you can get racks that fit in your fryer you might be able to do a families worth of toast in one round of baking.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love garlic bread!! I use butter, garlic powder and Italian seasoning on French bread and broil it – no air fryer. I started adding the Italian seasoning after having bread like that in a wonderful Italian restaurant. Sometimes I’ll even add Parmesan cheese if I’m feeling fancy! I don’t fix it very often because hubby has diabetes and can only have a small piece and I don’t like to tempt him beyond his ability to resist! I think I need to make lasagna and garlic bread now!!

  4. Thank you. I would never have thought about it. Our family joke is when the smoke alarm goes off when I’m doing it in the oven…then it is ready to eat. (Thank goodness our alarm is really sensitive , so the bread is generally really ready to eat.

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