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I told you in last night’s blog post that I spend all of last week taking care of Georgia here at my house.  I’ve been really wanting to get to the yard work but with her here it wasn’t easy.  I did spend one night cleaning up the hostas along the north side of the garage.

Then another night I worked to clean up this area.  Saturday I put down fresh mulch.  The area along the front will get a little more soil and then planted with impatiens.

From there I moved to this area along the fence and spare parking spot.

The sun was setting by the time I got to the rock landscaping.  I cleaned that all out and it got fresh mulch.  You can see my tulips getting ready to bloom.  Sadly is supposed to freeze three nights in a row next week.  If I remember, I’ll cover them.

When Sunday rolled around Karl offered to come over the help with the lawn part of things.

This is the south side of my house.  I have iris along the main part.  I was late in getting these cleaned out.  They were a little tall and it was hard to clean them out, but I did it.  Check out the photo below.  Can you believe I got all of that out of the plants that are there…

It was a job to get that all done.  They aren’t perfect but good enough.  The new growth will soon cover anything that is left.

From there I moved around to the front of the house.  This is one side…

This is the other.  So far, all of my plants are coming back.  I’m so pleased.  Most are just starting to green up.

I had boughten 12 bags of mulch to refresh what was already down.  I wish I had bought 14.  I’ll likely go back and get two more for this project but I really want to tackle the front of the garden area too.

This is the vegetable garden area.  We are allowed to burn in our town so I burned all of the gardens refuse in the veggie garden.  We don’t have anything planted yet.  I’m hoping that next weekend we’ll till it and maybe I can plant a thing or two.  I’m not ready to put out nursery plants yet but we’re getting closer.

The front is flower plants.  I really would like to clean that up and put woodchips in place.  I also want to put an area along the front as I have along the house where annuals can be planted.  I just love to have something always blooming.  I started some petunias that I am hoping to put there.

As I was working, Karl was tackling the lawn, thatching, and then mowing first my lawn and then his.  It’s nice he’s close and can just borrow my mower.

I promised him supper and 7 pm was our quitting time.  I still had time so rather than quitting I cleaned much of the old dirt out of the planters.  I had two of these…

…and two of these.

I didn’t get the new dirt added but it’s here and will be a simple job I can do one evening.

I put some fresh potting mix in each year.  I replace at least 3/4 of it.  The fresh soil really makes the plants grow and thrive.  It’s totally worth it.  All of the old soil goes into the garden which is good for it.  We live two blocks from the river in town and our soil isn’t the best.  I miss the dirt we had in the garden at the farm.  Oh my, that dirt could grow some amazing veggies.

I feel great about all that got done.  I’m hoping for some more time one night or maybe next weekend.  I do want to get over to Kelli’s one day and help her some more.

I love this time of year…I love the potential that Spring holds.  Kalissa went to the nursery that I love and sent me some pictures.

Oh my, I was itching to go…Soon Jo, soon.  I know one thing for sure.  I’m likely going to go next weekend.  Last year I waited until Mother’s Day weekend and they were so picked over.  Not this year.

I’m so happy it’s SPRING!!

8 thoughts on “Gardening Work”

  1. You could recycle your garden waste by using it to make compost. There’s lots of information on the internet to help get started.

  2. Joy Van den top

    We woke to white this morning. An inch of snow! Brr….15 degrees! Promise of warmer by the weekend tho here in NW Iowa! I can’t wait to go to the nursery! Spring and beautiful flowers!

  3. Good advice on buying plants earlier! In central Ohio the rule of thumb is not to put anything out until Mother’s Day and I tend to put off a nursery visit ’til then only to encounter same results—low selection!

  4. Its always a nice feeling to get the yard buffed up for spring and summer flowers. I really enjoyed watching your yard bloom and the garden start to produce last year. Sometime I miss gardening but then I just shop the farmers market and let others do the work, lol. Nice to have Karl to help with thatching, tilling etc I look forward to seeing what you plant this year in all your spots.

  5. Oh geez, I didn’t realize it is time to start thinking about going to the greenhouse! You should be so happy with all the outside work that you got done. I noticed that your rhubarb is ready for pickin’!

    My guys love rhubarb bread. I am going to make your rhubarb pie this year.

  6. Love your gardening. Looks beautiful. Gardening is a wonderful stress reliever. I enjoy all your happy things to look at and read. Much better to see and read then all the chaos in our world right now

  7. Spring is my favorite time of the year! I feel so energized! I wake early and after donning sunscreen and my giant bill visor am outside all day except to come in for nourishment and restroom breaks! Nothing feels better to me than sitting outside with my first cup of coffee, having the sun warm my bed-stiff back while I watch and listen to the birdies!

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