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It’s been so terribly dry here.  I typically don’t water the garden.  I never water the grass…I typically only water the flowers.

Well…in comes the weather of 2021 and I’m breaking my norms.  I’m watering the garden and even watering the grass.  Previously I only watered the flowers every other day but as of late, I’ve had to water every day.  It’s been so hot and add a little breeze to that, and I need to water more often.  Part of the reason is I have more potted plants.  Part of the reason I added and moved around so many plants and shrubs. Part of the reason is I’ve grown a little more particular.

We’ve been really dry.  The grass is brown.  It was a terrible year to attempt to seed grass.  I’ve almost given up and will likely just seed again in late September.  UGH.

Regardless of all of that, I thought I would give you a little tour of my outside.  Here is my house from the front.

See the baskets at the bottom of the steps?  Those are my recycle bin finds.  I had planted too many platns in a few of my pots so I took them out and gave them their own pot.

This is the south side of my house.  I’m not really happy with how my large pot is doing.  I think it’s getting too much shade under the porch.

These are the planter boxes that Buck made me a few years ago for Mother’s Day.  I …just love them.

See the baskets in the foreground?  Those are the baskets that I had too many plants in them.  I don’t buy already planted baskets.  I plant my own.  I started doing that last year as a way to cut down costs for my outside plants.   I put Supertunias in the these pots.  The baskets are large and I put two plants in each basket.

They are filling out fabulously.  I will be buying more supertunias next year for sure.  I think I want more of bubblegum pink next time…or a mix.

Buck built me two big planters.  I have hopes that he’ll build another.

Here are may stair step flower boxes that Craig built for me.  I love these.

Here are my flowers along the walk.  I accidently bought two different varieties of mixed impatiens.  One if more red…one is more pink.  I’m going to be a little more careful next year.  I didn’t realize the green house had two different varieties of mixed.  I want the pinkie purple mix…not the red mix.

I am so proud of my clematis.  I planted it two years ago.  I was told it wouldn’t do well as this is the north side of my house.  I decided to plant it there anyway.  Look how nicely it is blooming.  I love it!  Last year it only put out one lone vine and only two blossoms were on it.  This year, it’s beautiful.

I really wish I hadn’t accidently grabbed the red variety of impatiens.  See how much better it would look if I only had the pink, dark pink, fushcia, white variety??  Next year I’ll do that.

Here are my new planters by the garage.

These are planted with two supertunias and two geraniums.  There were new pots for me this year.  I’m going to see how I like this combo as they grow and then decide for next year what to do.  I really think I might like a lighter color or red supertunia.  The lighter color seems to stand out more.

This is along my driveway on the north side of my house.

My vegetable garden is right next to it…You can see the flower area that I fixed up.  I’m happy with it…just hoping my petunias will take off soon.

My veggies were looking a little tough so I started watering them.  So far I am to the point that I eat something from the garden every day now.  I’ve harvested spinach, lettuce, peas and radishes.  I have green tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers starting but not quite ready for harvest.

I planted egg plant this year.  I have no idea what to do with it so if you have good recipes, please pass them one to me.  I have three plants so I’m sure I’ll have more than I know what to do with.

This is the Kramer rock at the front of the house.  I just dead headed my peony.  Oh it was so pretty this year.  My creeping phlox looked awesome early this spring.

This is the back of the house.  I fixed this up this spring.  I got new trellis’, I put in the landscaping and mulch.

My moring glories are really starting to take off.  They love heat.

At the back door I have two cherry tomato plants.  You can see they already have little green tomatoes on them.  Last year was the first year I put tomato plants in these planters.  I ended up with tomatos about three weeks sooner than I had them in the regular garden.  I’m a tomato LOVER.  I love to eat them straight from the garden like an apple.  So the sooner I can get them, the better.

This is the south back corner of the house.

I had so many morning glories sprout that I needed more space for them so the trellis’ here are new too.

I really want to get one more trellis.  My old wooden one really needs some attention.  I had planned on getting a new one for that spot too but the clematis had already started growing and wrapping on the trellis.

This is grass that I haven’t watered.  It’s on the south side of the house.  Ugh.

It is totally brown and crunchy.  It’s so sad looking.

Last Thursday we were given rain chances that seemed pretty good.  They didn’t pan out even though we awoke in the night to thunder and lightning.  Sunday again we were given rain chances…We ended up getting 6/10ths.  We work to light rain in the morning.  It heated up a bit at noon and then we got one quick down pour.  What we really, really need is a long all day type rain.

That’s it for the garden tour.  Every year I do things a little different.  I add some plants and I take some away.  I add more landscaping or more baskets.  I’m not sure what I’ll do next year…I do know supertunias are becoming my new favorite.  So I’ll be planting more of them for sure!

I’ll give you another tour in a month or so.  That way you can see how nicely everything has grown.

32 thoughts on “Garden Tour”

  1. Eggplant….love it! Cut slabs 1/4-1/2 inch thick, brush with EVOO and….
    1. grill or oven roast. 2. Use in lasagna instead of noodles, cut 1/4 inch. 3. Dice, toss with EVOO, roast in the oven and put in your spaghetti sauce for added veggie. 4. Eggplant Parmesan
    5. This is a 6 hour process. I make a triple batch and freeze in 1 quart containers and then vacuum seal for winter eating. I use it as pasta sauce or a chili base. It can be a soup or stew. This recipe is AMAZING! I’ve done this for over 10 years trying to have 50 quarts :-)

    I hope something here appeal to you and/or your readers.

    1. In addition to your suggestions, Elle, I love Caponata, a Sicilian appetizer. This recipe is similar to the one I make….

      Jo – your gardens and pots look lovely and your veggie garden is waaay ahead of mine! In one of the pix, it looks as tho your tomato plants (? … not sure – can’t enlarge the pix on this computer) are wrapped in brown paper or grown in tubes. Can you tell me what’s going on there?

      PS Don’t worry about the grass – you can’t eat it and it will revive when the rains come!

  2. Your home and landscaping are beautiful! You have done good girl! You have the energy of the Engerizer Bunny!!! What fertilizer/plant food do you use? It’s just lovely Jo!

  3. Wow! I’m really impressed with your flowers, garden and all over beautiful yard! I have never heard about supertunias before and they are so showy. I am going to have to look for those next year. You are one very busy, busy lady. Do you ever go to bed? I just wish I had a tiny amount of your energy.
    I do enjoy reading and looking at all your posts. You are an amazing woman.

  4. Your garden is really beautiful. As for the brown grass I’ve read that when it get too hot and dry it just goes into a dormant stage and then comes back when it’s cooler and it gets enough rain. Good luck with it. You certainly have a green thumb!

  5. PS
    Your yard and garden would be lovely to have on a garden tour if they have those in your part of the state. Perhaps however garden tours are a thing of the past. I still think every thing around your yard and house merits a garden tour.

  6. Your yard & garden are lovely ! I’m jealous ! It all looks so healthy!! Nice work. May I inquire? What exactly do you have at the base of your tomatoes? You should be proud! Lots of hard work! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Jo, your place is so nice looking. The flowers are all very beautiful. It has been such a dry year and it seems like all over. We finally had a couple of days of very good rain here in Michigan and it was just what the farmers needed for their corn and soybeans. Crops are looking so much better. I will enjoy seeing the next garden tour!

  8. Patty Rhoades

    Your flowers are so pretty. You certainly have a green thumb. I have’t heard of supertunia, will have to check into that at green house next year. You are one busy woman.

  9. Your home looks as though it were professionally
    landscaped with the flowers! Great job!
    You are now a member of the California brown grass!
    Its a common site here…

  10. Margaret in North Texas

    Your landscaping is just beautiful Jo. What is the scrub with all the purple blooms on it along the side with the trelllis on it?

  11. Judith Fairxhild

    Loved the garden tour. Your clematis is gorgeous. I like how you mix and match colors and flowers. We’re getting dry here in Missouri too. Prayi g for rain.

  12. Joanne Eggleston

    Thanks for showing all of your beautiful flowers and garden. You mentioned you really liked the supertunias. You should check out the Bubble Gum supertunia. It is a bubblegum pink and was beautiful. It was a Proven Winners supertunia I found at Lowe’s. Thanks again for the tour!! Your gardening skills are as beautiful as your quilts!

    Joanne in Waterloo, IA

  13. Betty Woodlee

    You put me to shame with your landscaping and blooming flowers! I loved everything! I know it is hard work but it’s certainly paying off for you!

  14. Your gardens are looking lovely It’s so exciting watching how they change so quickly at this time of year.

  15. Your flowers and yard are beautiful! Your dead grass looks like everyone’s that doesn’t water. Jay treated for grubs thinking we’d get a little rain. Nope. He’s been chasing the sprinkler. I am amazed that our crops still are alive. I water the row of beans…one row is being eaten by ?? So will have to replant that. Then we just water each plant. I have had zucchini! Love your impatience….even tho you aren’t happy with thee color….they are so pretty!

  16. You have some serious gardening skills! I love the variety of of plants combined with planters and trellises. Very lovely! I can’t imagine all the time you put into planning then planting everything. I wish I had your energy.

  17. Wow! Your yard is lovely. I wish I had the energy and talent you have for gardening. I actually love the red plant in the watering can below the purple plant on the trellis. It really pops and draws the eye to it. Funny how different things appeal to different people. Wish I could share some of our south Texas rain we’ve had this year.

  18. Sandra DAVIDSON

    Jo your garden is so beautiful .your husband must be looking down with pride at all the wonderful work you have done on your home since he passed on. Our flowers up in Ontario aren’t doing as well and it has been hot with little rain up here.
    All my best to you and your beautiful family I do enjoy hearing all about them and seeing all the pictures of them. God Bless

  19. Lori L Douglas

    Just beautiful! I love the wooden planters Buck and Craig made for you. Professional display. I am finding the older I get the more gardens i make. YOU did a fabulous job … I’m sure the neighborhood enjoys it to!

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