Garden Time

Last week Hubby dragged me out of the house.  We were suppose to get rain the following day with some possible snow showers too and he wanted to get some things planted in the garden.  WHAT??

I didn’t even have the “gardening itch” yet.  It was sunny and it was warm so I just went with it.  Part of me was worried as time went on I’d be more tired so I decided to get up and go and seize the moment.

Hubby started with tilling the garden.  We had wanted a tiller for a long time so we could plant an early garden and last fall, Hubby found one.  (Read about that here if you missed it.)  I was so excited.  No more having to marathon plant the garden mid May after a week long of begging for it get tilled.


I ended up getting the peas and Swiss chard planted.  We’ve had some cold weather since then so I haven’t seen seeds popping up yet…and I know I may end up having to replant but it was worth a shot.

While Hubby tilled I worked on the landscaping.  The landscape along the north side of the house need racking and cleaning.  This rose bush was moved from the farm.  Part of it didn’t come back in the move…the other part did.  This bush is just a bugger.  The thorns are horrible….really horrible.  The bush has already injured me once.   I wasn’t looking forward to tackling it again.


Happily, I won the battle.

Then it was on to cleaning out the window wells.  Leaves and such had blown in.

The yard is done and ready for Spring except for one spot that might need to be re-raked.  Hubby has even mowed the lawn once.  It was a couple weeks ago.  The day he did it I thought he was nuts but oh, it looks so much nicer.

Hubby’s also done a few other things…like hanging the ladders.


I am so happy to be living at our own place.  Cleaning up outside, yard work and gardening at our own home is so much more rewarding than it ever was before.

Everyone still asks if we like town life.  The answer is still YES.  Yes we love it.  The yard work that we’ve done over the last couple days is nothing compared to what we’d have had to do at the farm.  I use to have to rake lawn for at least two days…yep, don’t miss that at all.

Well snow flurries are expected again….I guess we probably jumped the gun on garden planting, but maybe it will okay.  Time will tell.  I sure am happy the work we did is done even if it means replanting.

5 thoughts on “Garden Time”

  1. Oh my, I can see those thorns from here! Hope they are nowhere near a walkway. It looks like there is wood stacked up against the house, among other things. The wood will attract bugs and mice, etc., who will then creep up under the siding. Not so worrisome for a woodpile against a shed or garage, but right up against the house, not good

  2. My dad always jumped the gun and had to replant peas. He didn’t mind, though. Glad you’re enjoying your new home!

  3. Hope you do not have bunnies in your yard to eat your garden.
    I noticed I had two this morning in the middle of the back yard, happily eating the clover and grass. They are so cute, but so hungry!

  4. Mary Etherington`

    I am so jealous! Thatching and immediate yard work (sticks, etc.) done but I wish we could have planted peas and potatoes. Yes, yard work on a farm is never ending.

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