Garden Saga

For the last two years I haven’t had a garden to speak of.  Last year we were working on the house so a garden wouldn’t have gotten taken care of…the year before I had a garden but had scaled back a lot.

I’ve been so excited for this year’s garden.  Hubby brought dried manure home to get it in shape…we bought a tiller…I had big plans.  I even blogged about it a couple times.  In the comments someone said I hope you don’t have rabbit trouble.

I laughed that off…after all I live in town.   I’d have more rabbits in the country right??  WRONG.  I have rabbits and lots of them.

I planted garden with such expectation and have a couple times almost given up.  It’s so frustrating.  Note there haven’t been many garden blog posts.

Frustrated, I finally said to Hubby something has to be done.  We went to the farm store and asked what they recommended for rabbits.  We were planning a fence even though we didn’t want one.  Then he suggested this…..


We were skeptical- but- we didn’t want a fence so decided to give it a try.  It has done a great job.

Here’s a picture of the childcare kiddos running around the garden trying to catch butterflies.  I never thought the garden would look this good after the rabbits feasted on it.

…and here’s one of the girls picking peas.  She loves doing that.


I’m so thankful that the stuff worked.  Doing all the work to have a garden and then getting no crop because of rabbits or deer is so frustrating.  I hope it continues to work.

3 thoughts on “Garden Saga”

  1. Those same rabbits can kill those new trees you got. My folks had to put some pretty tight fencing around their younger trees because the rabbits would nibble the bark all the way around and then that continuous gap allowed them to die. I’m not sure why, but Dad talked to the best tree guy in town and he said it happens a lot. So if you see ’em around your trees you might want to inspect and see if you need to be doing something. Glad the rest of the garden is gonig well.

  2. This year, in one of my flower beds, I added cocoa bean mulch around the outside. Bunnies don’t like the feel of the mulch on their feet (or so I’ve heard) — anyway this year they have left that flower bed alone. I have also used liquid fence, but I really don’t like the smell of it. And when it rains, the smell sometimes comes back. EEW!

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