Garden Party Block Tip

Regular readers will probably remember that I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s Garden Party quilt that was featured in Quiltmaker magazine.  It looks like this…

Garden Party

You might also remember when I started making it I commented that the directions are written different than how Bonnie typically writes.  That wasn’t a huge surprise for me as I know that directions for quilt designs featured in Quiltmaker aren’t written by the designer.

Quiltmaker did a great job with the chain blocks….They incorporated strip piecing.


When it came to the hot cross buns blocks they didn’t.  I am really bad at organization so the fewer pieces I have to keep track of the better.  So when I cut my version out I didn’t follow the directions.  I tried to think of how Bonnie might write the directions so instead of cutting 4 – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ colored squares and 4 – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ neutral squares I cut 1 – 1 1/2″ x 7″ strip of colored and one of neutral along with the rest of the pieces needed for the blocks.

From there I sewed the two strips together, ironed to the colored piece and trimmed the pieced strip into 4 – 1 1/2″ segments.

Now I was ready to start the block assembly.


Before I knew it I had a block.

Just taking that one step and simplifying it by strip piecing was great for me.  Like I said, I am organizationally challenged and anything I can do to make it just a little easy makes me happy…

…and for a little good news, that block you see above is the final hot cross bun block that I need.  This quilt is actually getting closer to done!

5 thoughts on “Garden Party Block Tip”

  1. Many thanks, Jo. I too found the Quiltmaker instructions a bit of a time-waster so re-hashed them Bonnie-style. Much quicker now. Good luck with your retreat , wish I could be there.
    Regards from England

  2. I would piece the block as you’re doing. More accurate which means faster. Did you see the completed Hawaiian Sunset on Quiltville Open Studio. Stunning. How far down the UFO list is yours?

  3. I, too, had concerns with Quiltmaker’s instructions. The one that concerned me most is near the end, when u have to square up the red edges to make them straight. I just don’t see Bonnie doing it that way. Seems she would have used the easy angle to cut the red edge pieces. Would make for a much better edge with points not being cut off. When I can figure that out, I want to make this quilt. Thanks for your blog, Jo!

  4. Ha-ha! I do the same thing, not only with the Quiltmaker Addicted to Scraps and BH quilts, but so many other patterns. I especially hated the Farmer’s Wife quilt – too many templates for standard sizes that Bonnie would use. Yours is turning out beautiful!

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