Garage Sale

The day finally came that I’ve been not so patiently for.  The day when we are done with the sale in Clear Lake…and done with the garage sale.  All I’ve wanted is the for pick up to be able to be parked in the garage and FINALLY it is.  Don’t get me wrong….I had fun but I was so ready for life to be back to normal.  Here are a few scenes from the two day event.

Friday was really busy.


Saturday…not so much.  Kayla came home so she got to spend a little time with Carver in between shoppers.  He was too fascinated with her bracelet to look at the camera.  Spencer had a weekend planned away with his dad so Kayla rather than stay home alone opted to come to our house.


We sold a lot of stuff but most of it was to a few customers.  We’d have people come in a buy $75 worth of stuff but others who spent nothing….that left us with LOTS of time to entertain Carver.  Neighbor Girl and her cousin came over.  She entertained Carver by doing hand stands in front of him.  He would giggle and giggle and giggle.


Before I knew it, Kayla and Kelli were doing some of their old cheer leading jumps and cheers showing her how to do them.  It was hilarious watching them.


I tried really hard to get an action picture of them but this is the best shot I got.


Neighbor Girl LOVED the garage sale.  She was so good at keeping an extra neat and tidy “store”.  We let her, with supervision, be the check out girl.  We even let her count the money.  She so VERY much needs practical math practice.  Earlier in the week she had trouble with a math problem so we made up similar math problems and had her figure them out.  She did really well.  I’m starting to think that her reading skills are holding back her math skills.

Then Neighbor Girl got out the saxophone that friends loaned us for her to use and showed us how she can make sound.  Right now she doesn’t know any notes yet but can VERY proficiently blow it!  Check out Carver’s face.  He was loving the sound….us not so much-but we won’t tell her that.  Beginning musical instrument playing can be painful and saxophones are one of the worst.


It turns out Neighbor Girl got in trouble with the live-in guy at her house as she was only suppose to come over for a little bit, not the whole morning, so she had to go home.  She continued playing the saxophone on and off all night long at her house.  We could hear her playing from our house.  I can imagine that the adults at her house aren’t so happy with us helping get the saxophone.  I did make her promise not to play when the adults are sleeping.

Without Neighbor Girl there for entertainment, Carver relaxed with his sippy cup.  We’ve been a week now with no bottle.  He’s doing really good.  Check out those grubby little toes.


After relaxing it was off to the tub for him.  He needed to clean up as it was his birthday and we had food to eat and he had presents to play with.


We managed to make it through the garage sale and birthday celebrations all on the same weekend.  It was a good weekend all in all.



5 thoughts on “Garage Sale”

  1. Wow! A year old already, it doesn’t seem possible. Happy Birthday, Carver!

    Also, the saxophone may help neighbor girl with her other school work. My kids are/were in band it it really seemed to help them in other areas with school. My daughter is a sophomore now and has been playing since 4th grade, they do get better (with practice of course). You are all good for neighbor girl.

  2. I would also recommend mentioning what you are reading/listening to around her, not necessarily in talking to her. Just overhearing adults talking about books as important or exciting or special can spark a kid’s interest. IF she would come regularly, reading aloud together is a big help, for all kinds of readers. My youngest and I are working on the 2nd Harry Potter book and it was such fun and a special memory to get to the end of the first one. He is a good reader, but the aloud practice is good for him. There are words he doesn’t know (kudos to J.K. Rowling for the challenging vocab) and I get to help him sound them out. I read a chapter to him, then he reads the next one. Don’t think that read-alouds aren’t important to big kids, it just has to be approached correctly.
    There have been some painful clarinet and sax practices in my house as well. :)

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