Garage Sale Wrap Up

I told you on Friday that we had an amazing day at the garage sale for our opening day.  We did so good.  Rain had threatened for Friday and we were so worried about all the furniture that would be left outside but truth be told…there was not much furniture left for us to even worry about.

It was rainy on Friday so we didn’t get very much traffic to the sale at all.  Still we did make some sales.

We debated about even opening on Saturday as there was such a small amount of stuff left.  We did and ended up selling quite a lot more.  At noon we loaded up Kalissa’s truck.  Everything fit in the back seat….we loaded up our stuff we were keeping and it minus the lockers and the cedar chest, fit in the back of the truck.

The rest we put outside at the curb for a “curb alert”.  People then came by and could pick out anything they wanted for free.  This was the pile right after the sale….

This is all that’s left at the curb. We continually hear vehicles stopping and doors opening and closing. It suppose to rain overnight so we’re loading this all up and moving it on to donate to Goodwill.

All this stuff was just gone in the blink of an eye.

I am still in shock over the whole deal.

In the process of it all we (Kalissa, Hubby and I) that we aren’t traveling to do “shows” anymore.  We have a nice following here with the garage sale.  We don’t have to pay for gas, booth space, or expensive vendor drinks.  It was so much better and easier to gradually work on it nights after work setting up little by little.  In the end, we finished up with a clean garage vs a garage crammed with sale left overs.  Granted we priced things much cheaper than we would have been at a show…but we still made a profit…and we didn’t have clean things to make them perfect.  See the chair in the photo above?  At a vintage sale we would have had to reupholster the chairs, charge a high price and hope they sold.  This was we can sell as is and only mark the items up $25 more than we paid for them.  I like this MUCH better.

Anyway…that’s the recap.

P.S.  I highly recommend “curb alerts” on Facebook for sale groups.  We have had so many people stop and it was so easy.

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  1. Your new driveway is the perfect place to display your wares. So much space and nice and clean. I would be so happy to drive up and see a sale like this!

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