Garage Sale Score and More

Saturday the girls were all home along with some of their girl friends.  They were home for Kalissa’s bachelorette party.  It’s kind of fun how the some of the girls’ friends have actually become family friends.  I love that this has happened because the girls are really great, fun and always give me a giggle or two.

They had came on Friday night and we had Saturday to kill.  Kelli has decided that she wants to start volunteering at the Humane Society’s new Adoption Center in Decorah and she had to attend a 45 minute orientation class so we all went deciding to ride along and thrifting and go to the farmer’s market.

I am so glad we went.  I had a good time and got some great deals.

We hit up a moving sale.  The family was moving to North Carolina and had to liquidate everything.  The deal were great!!

I bought a super industrial hose and hose reel for Hubby.  He had been looking for one in town but couldn’t find one sturdy enough.  He wants things as industrial and they can be.  He didn’t want anything plastic at all…luckily I found something I knew he would love on the garage sale.

While I was at the sale I saw a pile of wood.  I asked a price and he said free.  WHAT??  Yep.  The guy just wanted it gone.  I took it.  Hubby was happy about that too.  He said there was likely $150 worth of lumber there.


We got a few other things…like a Magna Doodle for the childcare kids.  It’s the toy they have been really fighting over.  Spending 50 cents on a second one sure beats all the fights the kids have been having over them.

Then it was home and bachelorette party time!!  Here she is all ready to go with her veil and bouquet made by Kayla.


It was a busy fun Saturday despite a few temper tantrums thrown and the absolutely awful service we got at the restaurant we ate before bar time.

It looks like another thing is done and the wedding is not another step closer….September 5th is quickly heading our way…and I have averted another trip to Menards to hunt for a hose reel.  Sounds like a successful Saturday to me!

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  1. Well it’s count down days for our move. I’d love to see your sewing room again because I have a very large living room to convert to my hearts content. I do have to work with a tight budget. I have a lot of stuff from this sewing room that I can use, bins shelves and such but I have sooo much fabric and so many books and then there are the magazines.

    When Hubby was a SR VP at the company he worked at I never thought about what was spent and then the economy took it’s infamous dive. We took a big hit in the pocket and I have to retrain my buying habits…..I stopped buying. Except for a book here and there ;).

    Once settled I am going to dive into Bonnie Hunters scrap system. I just love scrappy quilts and anyone who knows me knows I’ve got scraps galore.

    Oh and as for the anonymous donor I understand that idea…….. Hubby and friends (who covenant our fabrics stash need never know that it’s gone missing.

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