Garage Sale Saturday

There is a garage sale that happens in Fredericksburg twice a year-  Once in February and once July-ish.  I typically try to go.  They family including grandma, three daughters and now even grandchildren are all auction junkies.  For their business they go to auctions and buy up primitive type items and then resell them.  They travel to all the antique shows held throughout the summer in our area.  They always have what I consider good junk. In a recent trip to the grocery store I saw their add and knew that their sale would be coming up soon and I planned to go.

Well on Thursday I ended up finally catching the cold the that has been shared around here.  Hubby got it the day before and me, by Thursday afternoon I knew that the tired I’d been feeling all week finally caught me and yes, I did have a cold.  Friday I muddled through childcare chasing runny noses including mine.  Kalissa stopped over to check on me and said she was going to the garage sale on Saturday morning and did I want to go.  I said I’d see how I felt in the morning.  Well morning rolled around and ugh….I felt yucky so I sent her on her way and told her to send me a picture if I they saw anything Hubby and I might be interested in.


UGH.  I regretted not going immediately.  The buffet was a cool style.  I messaged Kalissa and said how much.  She said $75.Then Kalissa sent more pictures.


Darn I wished I had gone.


Oh well…I still felt crappy and it was all right to stay home.  Then a few minutes after the pictures came Hubby came home.  He usually works until at least noon on Saturdays, if not until 5pm, so I was really surprised to see him.  He immediately said-lets run down to the garage sale in Fredericksburg.  I didn’t hem and and haw much at all..I just got ready.

On the way I kept thinking about the buffet…. $75-not bad.  Was in veneered?  Was is solid wood?  UGH why am I even thinking that.  I was sure it was gone.

The sale was great as always..and that buffet that I showed you in the first picture was still there…and the price wasn’t $75 it was $25.  I loved the look of it but Hubby wasn’t too excited.  It did have a veneered top and sides.  UGH. He is so against veneer.  He want’s everything solid wood.  Then the debated started on where we would put it.  Then the gal came by and said…if you want it, $20.  UGH.  I did want it and I wanted it fixed and refinished as my entertainment center in the living room to put the television on.  Hubby wasn’t on board yet.  I finally convinced him by saying-You will $20 worth of fun just trying to bring it back to life.  If you love it when it’s done, we’ll put it in the living room.  If you don’t, we’ll try to sell it.  I’m guessing we could get at least the $20 out of it.

We ended up getting it along with some new chairs for my childcare table and an old desk Hubby plans to refinish.  I also got two free T-shirts for my rug making and some doilies.


Just the other day I had commented that I needed to look for doilies when I was thrifting.  The ones I got all match.  The big ones were $1 each.  Don’t they dress up the look?


The small ones were only 25 cents.  Right now I am kicking myself for not buying just a couple more in case these get ruined or stained.  They are so nice.


So the that was my garage sale adventure.  I’m very happy with the purchases and we’ll have to see just what happens with that buffet because after I got it home, I sent a picture of it to Kelli and she squealed and said -oh mom, if you guys don’t end up keeping it, I want it for a cutting table in my sewing room if it’s all enough and will fit.

Well it looks like the buffet has a home, it’s just a matter of where the home will be and when Hubby has time to work on it.

4 thoughts on “Garage Sale Saturday”

  1. Oh Boy! Jo, what a fun sale! Looks like they had lots of treasures! Can’t wait to see how that buffet turns guess, is that it will be sitting in your living room in no time!

  2. I thought cutting table too! As for the vintage doilies, have you seen the Facebook group Quilting Vintage? I can’t look at it any more I am so far behind in my ‘work’!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Would the table work as a cutting table if you put it on bed risers? I am using a desk as a cutting table now and the bed risers make it the perfect height. Good luck!

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