Garage Sale of My Quilting Books

Remember by cleaning spell last week when I cleaned the upstairs.  Well I found a few goodies I decided to part with.  All is in very good condition.

If you’re interested all you need to do is send me an email at  Send your address at the same time so I can get the item packaged for shipping.  I have a Paypal account and would prefer to use that but if not, I can work with you.

This is 501 Quilting Motifs for Hand or Machine Quilting.  Asking $12-shipping included.  SOLD


Here are TWO quilting books that I am selling as lot.  $22 will get both of them postage included.


I really loved these next two books.  They are great for free motion quilting giving ideas for motifs to put over blocks.  The book in the back I’m just throwing in.  $16 for all shipping included.  SOLD

That’s it for now.  As time passes and we get closer to moving, I suspect there will be more flash sales.

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