Garage Sale Goodness

On Saturday Kalissa told me that she was going to a garage sale in Oelwein then was going to Amish country.  She asked if I wanted to go…I said no.  I needed a little time to myself.

It was about 8:30 in the morning when I got a call from her…”Mom” she says…”You should have come.”  UGH.  Luckily we have smart phones and she could quickly snap pictures and I could say yes or no.

Well lucky me, she went.  She got this wonderful doll house.  It needs some touching up…maybe new carpets or wall paper..some paint too but I love it.


I still have it in my mind to work on the Bratz dolls.  I think this will be perfect for them.  I am excited for this.

It would be nice to make some furniture for it.  Don’t you love the little drawers at the bottom too?!

She also got this…It’s an AWESOME set of doll bunk beds.  They are so sturdy and nice…only problem, there were Star Wars stickers on them.


Hubby had some Goof Off cleaner and I started working on the stickers.  At first I couldn’t get them to lift but then I pealed off the tops layer of the sticker and put the solution on a towel.  It wasn’t a fast fix but all in all an easy fix.

After about 20 minutes I had a nice clean set of bunk beds.  I know the kids are going to love this.  There are “mattresses and pillows” that go with it but they are in the wash right now.


I am super excited about this.  I have two little girls that come here that are completely doll crazy.  It’s so fun to watch them play.  The beds are SO sturdy and nice.

Hubby was even impressed by the great construction work that the maker of these did.  Can you believe they were only $5.  That was a steal!!

I didn’t get to the garage sale but I sure got some great goodies….thanks to Kalissa and Craig!!  I’m so blessed that I have wonderful kids that watch out for me for garage sale goodies.

7 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodness”

  1. I love it! When I was a child my grandfather build us a doll house similar to that. Mom made us doll furniture out of tide boxes, and other things. It was almost as much fun decorating it as it was playing w it

  2. Scrapbooking paper and modge podge the patterns and combinations are endless! I even have wood flooring paper! That looks like a lot of fun! I’ll have to come help u finish the doll shoes lol

  3. Thee is a very good possibility that my brother in law made those doll beds!! My daughter asked for ‘bonk’ beds for her baby dolls…he made her a set and the began making and selling them!! My MIL made the bedding to go with them!!! It looks like John’s work!! He also made wardrobes to go with them!

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