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A post from Kelli–

As many of you know, kids clothes are expensive!  Mom always said that kids are mostly as expensive as you let them be….Which I’m coming to find is quite true!

Before I had Georgia, I really didn’t think it would be that bad, but I was the Aunt buying an outfit or two…not a parent needing to supply a wardrobe.  Needless to say, thrift stores and garage sales have acquired a whole new appeal!

Kalissa recently told me that there was one that I NEEDED to go to.  After a bit of chatting, we figured out that I would leave Punky with her and run to Decorah.  Afterwards, I was going to go to work at the nursing home for a bit to work on things.  Kalissa jokingly told me that even if they were closed, I needed to knock on the door because it was just that good!

I took Georgia to Kalissa’s house and headed to Decorah and boy am I glad I did!

I ended up spending $95.00 and got TONS of super cute stuff….

Is this stuff not the best?

And things were so reasonably priced!  A 3 piece outfit like this was $2 to $3 for the entire outfit!

I know it’s a huge surprise that I would be a sucker for anything with a dog on it…

And some little Scottie dogs too…

Seriously though, who could say no to these!

I swear that I tried to restrain myself, but it was just so hard!

The best part? The person hosting the garage sale was a coworker of mine at the hospital.  It was nice to catch up with her as I’ve been on maternity leave and then Dad’s journey.

I know it’s a surprise, but I swear that my mom somehow gets smarter and smarter every single day.  Georgia is only going to be as expensive as I let her be.  $95 for a full wardrobe…that’s not bad at all!!

12 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodies”

  1. Kelli-the other piece of advice is start a savings account now, $25 a paycheck and increase as you can (raises at work, for example or profits from garage sale) and then you will have a decent nest egg for college. We moved $ over to CD once accumulated enough to earn more interest. That is one piece of advice I received when the first was born and it was a huge help 18 years later. It will go by so fast! Sending hugs! So happy I got to love on her a bit.

  2. Great shopping Kelli. Those are some adorable outfits that will make Miss Georgia that much cuties. I agree with Nell on starting the savings now when they are young. That interest really adds up and helps the bottom line.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  3. Just remember that they change sizes every 3 months and do not need a new outfit for each week. I know I over bought!

  4. Penny Holliday

    Georgia is so cute & going to be the best dressed in town! Such a smart thing to do re: wardrobe for Georgia!! Kids grow so quickly you’ll find that often they won’t be worn out but out grown! Then you can re sell them to purchase more clothes for your little one!

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    What great finds – you’re a chip off the block – it is a great block too! How fun to find a friend at the same time. I can see with all the girls clothes why Kalissa told you to go check it out. It is really true that kids grow so fast and I am sure your friend that sold the cute outfits to you was so pleased that she knew who was getting them.

  6. “kids are mostly as expensive as you let them be” — this could be the start of a book of Jo’s Words of Wisdom. Your mom really is smart and practical and loving and so many more wonderful qualities. Loving the fun clothes you found for Georgia.

  7. garage sales are a blessing for mom’s raising young ones. I have 2 great grand daughters living close to me and I know how expensive it is for clothing and diapers, so getting things at garage sales is smart.

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