Garage Sale Finds

Last Saturday Kelli and I met up in Decorah and from there went on to Spring Grove where we presented at the Festival of Quilts there.

Before we left Decorah we did a few of our usual stops first.  We went to McDonalds.  Kelli loves Real Fruit Smoothies and I love their Carmel Iced Coffee.  Then we stopped at our favorite thrift stores.  We came home with a couple goodies including a couple Fire King casseroles for Kayla’s collection…and yet another scarf for Kelli’s collection.

As we pulled out of the thrift store drive way Kelli and I both spotted a garage sale.  Quickly we both looked at the time and decided that we were doing okay with time so we’d stop.  As we pulled up we were both a little disappointed.  What looked to be hopeful suddenly didn’t look it.  We almost pulled away without going in but then at the last minute I really stopped.  I’m so glad I did.

Initially they had a table and a cupboard there that we didn’t think were for sale.  Neither had a price on them.  Then I finally asked a price.  I was told $75 for the cabinet and $35 for the table.  Kelli asked if I WANTED the table or if I had plans to resell it.  I knew I didn’t have room so knew it wasn’t for me…she said she’d like the table.

It’s a little rough but all in all a cute, cute little table.  Don’t you love the drawers?


There are two on each end and the table easily folds down.


Kelli wanted it to sew on.  I told her I didn’t know how it would work to sew on…  She thought she’d use it somewhere else if that didn’t work out to sew on.    Being it can sit flush to the wall it could be used as a behind the couch table or a table in the hallway.


I debated about the cabinet but it was kind of cool.  It was walnut (our wood of choice) but it have cedar “drawers” inside….see?

Sorry the picture isn’t the best.

Well I thought and thought then finally decided what the heck and asked the owner if he’d take $100 for both.  If nothing else I figured I could sell the cabinet for $100.


We loaded up and drove away.  I didn’t know what Hubby would think of the purchase…I thought about it more and more and then something hit me.  I didn’t know if I wanted to sell it.  I might want it for my living room.  I don’t have the best way to store the kids napping things in the living room and this might work.  We used to keep an extra kennel set up behind my glider but we took that out as Ruby can be trusted in the house and doesn’t need to be kenneled anymore.

Kayla was home and she helped me set it up there….so far, I like it.  Hubby’s in the field working so I have no idea what he thinks…we’ll see.  For the most part, I do what I want in the house, but I do take his thoughts and opinions into consideration.  We’ll see what he says.

I really like the size of the cabinet.  I like that it “cleans up” the mess of the napping pillows and blankets…so for now, it will likely be a keeper.  At least it will be unless I find something else I like better.  That’s the joy of antiques!!  I can like it now…then sell it later if I find something that’s better.  For now, I’m happy with this.  I even have shelf space with nothing on it.  Oh my…I never thought that would happen!


7 thoughts on “Garage Sale Finds”

  1. The sewing table with drawers is a very useful addition. There are so many things it can be used for. Lovely.

    Same thing for your purchase. They are great purchases.

  2. Love both pieces, Jo!
    I have never seen a drop leaf table that has drawers…very different, but really cool!
    And I love the cabinet! Perfect for what you wanted!
    I would say you had a successful trip!!

  3. I have that exact little table. It came from my husband’s family. I think it was in a little travel trailer that my husband’s parents owned many years ago.

  4. Rosanna Bontrager

    My mom used to have a table like that, only hers had 3 drawers on each side. We called it a cutting table, as that’s where we would cut things out to sew.
    This is my first time leaving a comment for you. I really enjoy reading your blog every day.

  5. The little table could also be used as a desk as needed. I think it looks pretty useful. The cabinet is lovely, and it sounds like storing nap-time items is the perfect use. If you no longer need it for that at some point, it would be great for storing fabric, notions, papers, anything!

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