Garage Sale Days

It’s garage sale days here at my house.  Kalissa grabbed her goodies.  Karl helped me pull out all of mine and the sale is on!!

The sale started yesterday and we’ve had LOTS go already.  I’m thrilled with the amount that has gone out.  We’re selling again today and Saturday morning.  We’ll be making deals on Saturday…anything left will likely be half price.  Whatever is left is getting pitched or donated.  Kalissa and I are both ready to be done with this chapter in our lives.  We’ll do some minor junking but nothing as much as this.  NOPE.

I don’t have Kramer to help me move and store stuff.  She has the boys.  It was so fun in the midst of it.  Now all this is heavy on both of us.

We have so much stuff.  Prices I think are pretty reasonable.  $1 for any pottery.

There is LOTS!!

$65 for a set of lockers.
…and there are clothes.  Lots of clothes.  See?Baby clothes….

Adult clothes.  Many with tags.  The clothes are Kalissa’s for the most part.

I’m happy to report my can sold.  Kramer and I had gone to an auction last fall.  In the junk pile at the auction was this can.  I could reach it out of the garbage pile and I told Kramer to grab it.  He did and then laughed and laughed at me thinking the can would sell.

Well I only got $1 for the raunchy can but it sold.  So Kramer…I won the bet!!

It’s little things like winning bets that I’m going miss so much.  The rest of the junk, I won’t miss a bit.

Come and buy…I promise, we’ll give you a good deal!!

15 thoughts on “Garage Sale Days”

  1. I love the oyster can….gosh around where I live it would have gone for more than a dollar…maybe we like old cans in Minnesota.. Ha ….I see them with dried arrangements in them…

  2. I, too, wish I lived closer. You have lots of fun stuff from which to choose. I especially like the small Craftsman bookcase/curio cabinet and the twin beds. Good luck with your sale.

  3. Love your blog posts. I read it most days. Sorry to hear about Kramer. We lost our 42 year old daughter to cancer 18 months ago. It was the saddest of times.
    I want a couple of those cute ceramic planters!!! My daughter collects them. I search ebay for them. Wish I lived within driving distance.

  4. Boy, I wish I lived close enough to drop by and pick up some of that pottery and take a look around at all the other goodies. Today I was driving down the highway and saw a sign for a “Farm Sale”. I had to be somewhere on time, so I couldn’t stop, but I sure thought of you, and I was sorely tempted.

  5. Seeing all those pottery/ceramic pieces make me think of all the cut pincushions that could be made with them. Pity I don’t live closer. But then again, I really don’t need more stuff either!!

  6. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Are you dismantling the booths? Seems like a great effort to keep them going. Maybe another time.

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