Garage Day

I told you in the post last evening that on Saturday Kalissa and I, along with the boys, went to the Amish.  In the afternoon we were home and I was looking to tackle some projects.  The main project, the garage.

The garage had become overrun and messy.

I simply could not stand it anymore.  It was driving me crazy.  I use the garage a lot for storage.  I get so much fabric in and out.  It often sits in totes for a couple weeks until I collect enough to pass on.  At first when I started doing this, it wasn’t a big deal…now, it’s a big deal.  I didn’t have a good organization system for it.  The time had come to tackle this.

Kramer and I had bought some shelving but I decided the problem I had was that I didn’t have enough shelving.  Our other shelving was this.  We loved it but I didn’t have Kramer here to manhandle the loading and unloading so I went to Amazon to see if they had it and it could be delivered.  They did. My UPS guy had to do the manhandling.  I found it HERE.

I wanted the shelving to match but most importantly, I wanted to be able to handle the assembly without having to ask for help.  This shelving is perfect and easy to put together.

I have this same shelving in my closet in the sewing room.  I store all of my sewing stuff on them.

Here’s how easy it is to assemble….

Screw the poles together.

Open the bag of shelf holders…..
Find the upside….
Snap them onto the poles at the height you want the shelf.

Slide the shelf on…. (oops, I forgot to take the picture)

Anyway…repeat that.  It’s so easy.  You don’t need a single tool to assemble them. The shelves are so nice.

Everything got moved around.  The pop got moved closer to the refrigerator.  Things got thrown out and reorganized.  I love it.  I just know the shelving is going to make my fabric jockeying so much easier.

Best news of all…there are OPEN spaces in the shelving with nothing on them.  There are boxes and totes on the shelves with nothing in them.  I am hoping it stays that way!!

The only thing left to do is to take the recyclable bottles away.  I’ll cig Karl on that.

After the garage was cleaned I decided to take Rosie on a walk and to take the bank deposits to the bank.  We ended up circling around the park.  I decided to see if the cemetery was accessible.  It’s not plowed out in the winter unless there is a death.  It was muddy but I decided to make the trek anyway.

The snow here has been melting like crazy.  We all can see the promise of spring.  I’m sure we’ll get another snow sometime but we’re getting closer.

I could see that even though it was wet I could stop at Kramer’s grave.

I couldn’t leave flowers so I left a heart.

Oh my.  It had been too long since I’ve been here.

I stayed for a bit then I left a heart in the snow.  It was getting dark and I couldn’t stay here.  He’s not here.

I did take a great comfort in knowing he’d have loved what I did with the garage.  He was so terrible at cleaning and organizing.  He always depended on me to do that…and happily, I love organizing..the cleaning, not so much.

All in all, it was a good Saturday.  Some play time, some time to do errands, some time to accomplish something and a time to remember.

8 thoughts on “Garage Day”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your garage looks amazing!! I have my fabric on a couple of those shelving units and really like them. Sounds like you had a couple of good days doing things for you – always good!

  2. I have some of that shelving in my sewing space but my husband put rollers on mine so I can easily move it. I do love it since I rearrange my space fairly often.
    You got a big job done!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Love the way you spent your day. The garage looks great. If you ever have to quit doing child care there are people who pay good money to help get organized. I really liked seeing those wooden quilt blocks. No wonder you got them. Something like that would make a great puzzle to play with too.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    The shelving looks great – wow!! Still amazed at what you can get done in a day!! Love the walk at the end of the day – perfect!!

  5. Chyree Rohde Lincoln

    My hubby works for the company that makes those shelves.. I have them all over.. perfect for fabric…totes… anything. You see them on cooking shows a lot in the background..

  6. That’s my kind of shelving! Your garage looks really organized now! Glad you had a productive day and left a heart in the snow!

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