Garage Day

Last Wednesday, Kelli and the kids ended up coming to my house.  They are updating the electric lines to Kelli and Jason’s house.  They are the last on the line so they have lived through the updates happening to the line before their house and then the update to their house.  That has left them without power for several days.

With three little ones, it’s hard to be in an un-air-conditioned house with no working electricity so a couple of those days they have come to my house.  When Kelli let me know they wouldn’t have power again, I told her to come on over but that I had to accomplish something.

She asked me what I wanted to accomplish and I told her it would be awesome if I could get the garage reorganized.  We decided we could let the kids play on the ride-on toys and other outdoor toys and they could just run around.

My grandkids LOVE playing in the garage.  I back my van out and they zoom around with all of the ride-on toys, hula hoops, jump ropes, balls, batons, and the like.  Emmett and Eli are just getting old enough that they like to play too but the garage isn’t childproof so we needed to do some rearranging.  The charity quilt stuff and the postage auction stuff that I keep out there have gotten out of hand.  It needed a BIG tidy.

Kelli was up for it so we got busy…and the kids did too!

One of the things Kelli did for me that were so appreciated and needed was listing some things on the for-sale group.  One was this cabinet and sadly, the person who was going to buy it backed out…so, it’s still for sale if anyone wants it.  For $30 you could own this awesome sewing cabinet.  I loved it but I have no place for it.

There are two drawers on the bottom…

…and the top…lifts for there to be a spool cabinet.

It’s a cute piece…it just needs someone to love it.  There are a few scuff marks on the top but nothing that some Restor-a-finish couldn’t fix.

If anyone wants to buy it, just contact me via the comment section.  It has to be picked up sometime in September.

She also listed this sweater.  I bought it at a thrift store for $10 with plans to resell it but hadn’t gotten to it.  It’s a Dale of Norway in a 42 medium.  I wanted it to sell quickly so told Kelli to just put $50 on it.  She thought I was crazy.  It sold immediately.

It took the two of us almost three hours.  Of course, we wrangled kids at the same time.  Without them, it wouldn’t have taken nearly as long.

Everything is sorted…  Here are three boxes of stuff for auction…there is more than this.  I really need to do several auctions.  Oh my.  They are so much work to do so I often put it off. Shame on me.

There is a stack of stuff for baby kits.

There is a box of stuff for Kayla…and one for Carolyn who makes baby gowns and shirts for baby kits.

I sorted even more and rearranged some things so Eli and Emmett can’t get to it.  I took stock of what I have in over-flow groceries.

Most of all…this got sorted.  Whew.  It’s so much better.  SO MUCH!!

While Kelli and Georgia were here, I remembered to pass on to Georgia the horse lamp a blog reader sent for her.  She was so excited and wanted it to get put in the car right away so she could take it home.  SO CUTE!!  Thanks so much to the reader who sent this for her!!

At naptime, Gannon was tired from the running and playing they did in the garage that he fell asleep sitting up!  Poor guy.  I was pooped too.

It’s a GREAT job to have done.  It wasn’t all work and not play.  Kelli and I sat down and cross-stitched when the kids were napping.  That was a great treat after the hard work we put in.

17 thoughts on “Garage Day”

  1. My daughter came to my house this morning and we worked on cleaning out my garage. There is still some more to do but it looks so much better. Hugs,

  2. I an so glad that Georgia likes her new lamp! And it is out of my garage! It is at least 65 years old. Glad the lamp shade made it in one piece !!

  3. Having help, even with some kiddos, makes the job so much more tolerable. It is one of those jobs that is so hard to start. I have a basement of stuff to sort, although I did a load to go to thrift store today. Your children are very helpful!

  4. That was nice of Kelli to come and help. Jobs go faster with help and someone to talk to. And she had electric at your house.

  5. Susan J Schlegel

    Dear Jo, I am so hoping for a response from you about the sewing cabinet. I retired from nursing (after 42 years) and am making quilting my focus. I use the vintage Japanese sewing machine that I got in college for my machine quilting; the cabinet has no drawers for thread, scissors, etc. Being retired, a drive to you in Iowa from Illinois would be a pleasant excursion.

    And the yard sauce was so easy! I have made only one batch so far, but it makes great soup.

  6. Jo,that’s good/sad news! I know it’s best for all!! I’m sure it will keep you busier than ever! I wonder if you have a second {HA} to tell me where I can find what blog post you mentioned the tools you need for cross-stitching, especially glasses! I thought I saved all those posts,but,I guess not!! Thank you!

  7. Your cabinet is beautiful! I picked one up at a garage sale in Alaska for 5 cents (!) but it is nowhere near as nice as yours. It is missing the tiny spools, the drawers need some work and it needs refinishing. But I still love it. I store quilting thread in the drawers and tools in the top. Someone is getting a great deal when they buy yours!

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