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Yesterday was a day of ups and downs with Gannon.  The poor guy…seeing the pictures Kalissa sends is hard.

From what she said the doctors come in, check him and then consult.  Right now, the little guy is still a bit of a mystery.  No one knows for sure what’s happening in his insides.  This is likely gastric…but the what’s and hows of it we don’t know.

Friday night they had a plan and Saturday morning the plan changed…then another plan…and another change.  They aren’t sure the best way to approach this.

Gannon last had milk on Friday at noon.  He’s had IV fluids since then but that was it until early afternoon today.  Kalissa got to feed him the contrast liquid for a CT scan and he ate it like a champ.

A short while later he went back for the CT scan.  He was so good.  They didn’t need to sedate him.  We’re all thankful for that as if he had been, they would have had to be in pediatric ICU for awhile.  Instead, he got to come back to his same room.

When he got back his poor belly looked like this….
It hurts me to see the pictures.  I can’t image how painful that would be.
One doctor suggested that is might be a milk allergy.  I doubt it.  He hasn’t had any milk since Friday noon.

So here’s the CT scan.  See all those “circles”.  They aren’t supposed to be that big and there aren’t supposed to be that many.

So…that is what we learned today.  That’s all.  UGH.  I was so hopeful that there would be more information.

When his stomach is distended like that, he screams periodically.  It’s hard for the Kalissa and Craig.  There is nothing they can do.

This was the last picture he sent…He has an NG tube now too.  Poor guy.

Kalissa wrote last night telling us this:
“Enema tomorrow – possible biopsy of rectum tomorrow – for sure staying through Monday now – probably longer.”

…and that’s all I know.

I’m going up today.  Kalissa needs money and few things plus if I’m there I think the two of them will feel comfortable enough to go out and eat.  I think mentally they need to leave the hospital if only for an hour.  Some fresh air will do them good and some Gannon time will do me good.

I’ll pass on more news when I can.

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  1. Such a sad and scary thing for parents (and grandparents)! I’ll add a prayer that the doctors are able to find a simple remedy and he’s back home soon.

    Maybe one of the kids could set up a “Go Fund Me” page for Kalissa and Craig, and another one for you and Kramer? That way, not only your blog readers, but also church members, community friends, extended family, and others can share their love and concern with you all.

  2. Sending up prayers for you in church today. I agree with Debbie Burgess. Set up a Go Fund Me page. Your readers will support it . Its an easy way for us, we dont have to search for your address, just fill in the data. I know you are proud Iowans and this isn’t something you would do, but we want to help. Setting it up via Facebook might be the way to go.

  3. Sweet, sweet Gannon. My heart aches for all of you and prayers for the whole family. Yes, a Go Fund Me is an excellent idea and could serve as a partial relief to you. It is not difficult to set up – even I did one for a loved one last year!

  4. Sending prayers, hugs and love for you all. Such a hard time, and I hope some answers are found soon. Thank you for taking the time to update.

  5. Marianne Barta

    Oh my heart breaks for the little one and your family. I pray that they find answers soon.
    Prayers and Hugs

  6. I”m so sorry for Gannon’s physical struggles. May God hold him and you all in his hands and guide the Doctors to the right answer. Hugs to you all.

  7. I have seen a situation while on medical mission trips called Megacolon. I just happened to see this post and wondered about that. I pray an answer is discovered very soon.

  8. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh sweet baby – praying for him and his Drs. to find the problem. So hard to see him struggle. Love and Prayers for you all.

  9. I agree with a go fund me page. I would like to send some funds to assist. If you are unable to do this please post in blog so I can slip a check in the mail.
    Off to get ready for church and pray.

  10. That seems like a pretty extreme reaction for a milk allergy! Hope they get some real answers soon. It looks profoundly uncomfortable.

  11. I’m so glad that you can go and see baby Gannon and to give his parents a short respite from the hospital. Give that baby a sweet kiss from all of us who are praying for a good outcome and some answers. Safe travels, Jo.

  12. You can see the responses in regards to a go fund me page we love you , we love your families, please let us help all of you. God is a mighty God.

  13. Poor baby! I had 2 of mine end up in Mayo. I cannot believe they arent moving on this quicker. There is a children’s hospital in Minneapolis.
    My first baby didnt gain weight and pooped all the time. I eliminated all dairy after numerous tests showed nothing and he thrived. My youngest, wouldnt poop. Mayo did a bunch of tests and didnt come up with anything. After leaving Mayo, I took her to a pediatric chiropractor…no more issues.
    His poor tummy looks so painful. Thanm God, your family is so close knit. I was up there all alone with newborn babies.

  14. Praying for all of you. I agree with the Go Fund Me page. Someone needs to do it for you. I am so thankful that our health care is covered for the most part by our country but there are all the expenses of meals, parking, gas, lodging, wages… and oh so much more. Please let us help

  15. I am adding my voice to the crowd, Jo. We would heartily welcome a go fund me page. I looked at it, and seems it would be easiest and most secure if someone close to you set it up and had you as beneficiary. You could take money out and use it as you see fit (give to Kalissa or use for you and Kramer or send to Karl so he could come home for the weekend, or pay bills or whatever the need is).
    Prayers continue for all of you.

  16. Poor little Gannon, it hurts to see him like that. Being in the hospital over the weekend certainly doesn’t hurry things along. I hope by Monday they figure out a plan of action. I hope you can convince Kalissa & Craig to spend an hour or two away from the hospital once you are there. They need to de-stress just a little if they can. My thoughts & prayers to all of you.

  17. It’s so hard to see Gannon and Kramer go thru all of this. Hopefully you will soon hear more about what’s going on with both. I’m sure grandma time is much needed. It will be good for Kalissa & Craig to get some fresh air and know that you’re there for them.

    Praying for all, hoping you will get some answers soon.

  18. OH my, I am sending prayers as well from Wisconsin.. No parent, nor grandparent should go through something like this. But I believe that God will be there for all of you….Yes, it is a good idea for the parents to get away from the hospital, I know it is hard but they need time to be alone and talk….Thank you for keeping all of us updated with your family…
    Keep Hope and God in your path, there are answers…
    Sue from Wi

  19. I too agree with the go fund me. Please have someone set it up so we can help during this difficult time.

    Continuing with prayers for the whole Kramer family.

    Love, hugs and prayers.

  20. Sending prayers for you all that some medical progress is made soon for both Gannon and Kramer.

    I also think a Go Fund Me account would be good way to let your readers offer material support. If it is a challenge to think of it as “support”, think of it as our way to send love and repay you for the daily enjoyment you’ve brought to us. As I was telling a friend the other day, God created us to live in community to help and encourage one another. That also means that sometimes we’ve on the receiving end of that help and community support.

  21. So so sorry to hear all of this …….your lil grand baby looks so miserable……. just not fair… they need to get things figured out soon …….one day at a time Jeanne Rog …many many prayers coming your way ….Hugs to everyone for quick diagnoses & cures for grandson & Rog Love You

  22. Sandra Davidson

    I know the hard part is waiting to get a diagnosis, then you can deal with it.Praying for the
    Ittle guy and mom and dad. Hugs and God bless Sandra

  23. Seeing these pics of baby Gannon makes my heart hurt. Prayers for peace for Gannon and the entire family. Also prayers that the Drs find a solution.

  24. I’m so sorry your family is having such a rough time and hope you receive positive news for Kramer and Gannon very soon.
    I second what Robbie H. says about forming a Go Fund Me page; I’m certain your readers would welcome having this simple method to support you as repayment for all you have given us. As she writes: it is now your turn to be on the receiving end of some generosity. Please let us help you.
    Love and hugs to all

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