Gannon Update for Saturday

Kalissa got to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic for a 4:30pm appointment for Gannon yesterday.  They admitted him as they had concerns for him as well.

As soon as he got a room tests started…blood tests, ultrasound and x-rays.  Kalissa was very impressed with them.

Gannon is such a champ.  He slept through getting an IV put in.  Sometimes that makes me worry that pain is something he is just accustomed to so a needle stick is no big deal.

This is his room.  Kalissa says it it really nice and she’s very impressed so far.  The couch you see in the back pulls out into a queen sized bed.

My times have changed since I had my kids in the hospital.

Kalissa and Gannon ended up spending the night at the hospital and this is her update as of noonish today:

We are HOME. For good.

We got the closure we needed from UIHC. I’m so angry we didn’t start this crazy 10 days in Iowa City instead of Rochester. We will not make that mistake again.

Gannon’s belly looks great. We had tons of bloodwork, another ultrasound, an X-ray, and IV fluids. Overnight things seemed to have finally tamed down and his abdomen is not as distended.

Our Pediatric GI doctor looked at all of the imaging and was able to trace a gas pattern that looks more like Gannon is swallowing a ridiculous amount of air which cannot be absorbed by the gut. This totally makes sense to us which explains why he has so much air in his belly to begin with. That’s a simple fix – we will be trialing new bottles to find one that works for us. We are using Phillips Avent bottles now on the size one nipple – any bottle suggestions are welcome.

As far as Gannon’s “screaming episodes” we know that when he gets backed up and bloated his bowels telescope into each other called intussusception. We’ve caught this on ultrasound but then it corrects itself. To prevent this he needs less air in his belly. Intussusception can be very painful hence the on and off screaming. There’s nothing really to treat this. If it doesn’t seem to correct itself or is inconsolable he needs a barium enema to treat and diagnose it. The key is to prevent as much air swallowing as possible.

Gannon CAN RESUME BREASTFEEDING. They HIGHLY doubt that he has a milk protein allergy and have dismissed Mayo’s diagnosis and told me to keep feeding him breastmilk which is so wonderful. Gannon has NEVER had blood in his stool or blood in his vomit which is key in diagnosing cows milk protein allergy. In the meantime I have two full cans of alimentum if you know someone who needs them.

I learned a lot this last week. Biggest piece of advice to anyone seeking care for their kids is ask for a referral to the university of Iowa. Don’t mess around with anywhere else.

That’s all folks. Thanks for all the love and messages and letters and support. If I haven’t got back to you I’m sorry it’s just been nuts.”

We are so hoping this is the end of the madness and everything is back on track.  What a crazy time it’s been.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers as Gannon and our family made our way through this.  As Grandma, I’m still a little skeptical but I’m optimist too.  Time will tell.  All I know is that this little guy has made his way into my heart in the short six weeks he’s been here.  Fingers crossed that this is the biggest scare he gives us.

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  1. Here’s hoping the little guy can figure out how to feed himself without so much air. Wishing you all a diminishing need to spend time in medical facilities, too. Thanks for patiently updating us when you were so busy and worried, too.

  2. Melanie Matcheson

    If you haven’t tried Dr Brown’s bottles yet, they are fantastic. A lot if little pieces to clean, but they are made to reduce gas & air intake.

  3. Our grandson’s belly never got like that, but boy was he a different boy on Zantac and the chiropractor! Something about his diaphragm .. if I have trouble with heartburn, this same chiropractor fixes my diaphragm too. They were taking turns sleeping 2 1/2 hours with him on their shoulder in the recliner. Ugh! They were worn out! Hope you r on the right track now! Send love and prayers to all!

  4. What great news! Let’s hope they have zeroed in on the issue. Glad Kalissa can continue breast feeding. You are all troopers. Hugs!

  5. Continuing to keepGannon and the rest of you in my prayers. It would be wonderful if this is the answer for this little angel. He is such a sweet looking little guy.

  6. Praying & hoping this is the end of this quest for an answer! Keep us all posted. I hope Gannon continues to improve and stays well.

  7. Thanks the Good Lord for these answers. However, I STRONGLY urge you, your husband and the docs you just saw to let Mayo know what transpired and all their farting (pardon the pun) didn’t help. They need to know to improve their skills.

    Sharon in Colorado

  8. Marsha from Delaware, USA

    Playtex Baby Nurser With Drop-Ins Liners 4oz 3pk Baby Bottle – there are many styles and sizes of these Playtex bottles. I used these with my kids many years ago. I could actually burp the air out of the plastic liner so the liner collapsed as the bottle is sucked empty. I loved the bottles! You have to read descriptions for the different styles. HTH And happy for the new diagnosis- sounds very reasonable!

  9. I am so happy to hear this. Now, if they can just find the right bottle. God bless them all. What a terrible experience for all, so glad she pushed to go to a second opinion. Always something going on with your family, Kramer…….. Its great that you are all so close and supportive
    Prayers and hugs for you all!!!

  10. Wonderful news on Gannon! Poor little guy really went through it…so glad he slept through getting the IV. Pure exhaustion, I’m sure, but I bet he’ll be a different, and much happier, baby soon! I hate that you had such a bad experience at Mayo, but sadly, it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve learned in the last ten years (two bad car accidents) that there are some bad doctors out there. I tell people that they didn’t all graduate at the top of their class! You may have found one that barely made it…sad, but true. Glad you were proactive and didn’t give up. Gannon is all that matters and that’s what parents do–whatever it takes! Thanks for the update and I’m looking forward to seeing Gannon happy and cooing from now on! I wish the same for Kramer, too…well, maybe less the cooing. Still praying for your wonderful family!

  11. So happy for all of you! Praying that you now have a correct diagnosis and Gannon will get back on track quickly. And Jo, I believe Gannon has worked his way into our hearts as well!

  12. Stephani in N. TX

    So glad to hear that a change in medical facilities is giving Gannon and your family the peace to progress with your new baby. My first child had an incarcerated hernia due to another medical issue, and the scream-cries were so familiar. Life became wonderful when the hernia was repaired. We also had some feeding issues and back in the day of glass baby bottles, the pediatrician sent us to preemie nipples which were shorter and softer so he wouldn’t wear out while feeding. A pediatrician once told me the best medical care is an observant mom who doesn’t give up when she feels things are just not right. Keep boxing if you have to, but hopefully you are on the right track already.

  13. Years ago when I was breastfeeding, NUK brand nipples were the recommended thing. The shape mimics how the baby compresses the nipple while he’s nursing, and he has to work to get the milk so he’s not just gulping as it flows out. Hope that helps. He sure is a beautiful baby!

  14. Aletha in Colorado

    WAY TO GO KALISSA for listening to your mommy gut!! I’m so glad you didn’t just accept that first diagnosis. Us nurses are very good at critical thinking. And when something doesn’t sound right or add up we keep right on digging until we find something that does fit and make sense. You are extremely blessed that nothing critical happened to Gannon. As I’m sure you know, Intussusception can be fatal in newborns. Prayers ARE answered!!

  15. Amen! I’m so happy for Gannon and Kalissa. The best is that Kalissa feels peaceful with the doctors exploring Gannons issues. Her Momma instinct is satisfied. Now she will sleep better :)

  16. OMG what a trial. I’m so glad Gannon is home and breastfeeding again. Very disappointed to hear Mayo got it so wrong. A second opinion does seem the right thing to do when you get a diagnosis that seems strange. So very happy this is over.

  17. Keryn Emmerson

    My grandson had the same trouble until he was diagnosed with lip and tongue ties that were preventing him from latching properly to feed. For two weeks my daughter expressed milk and I bottle-fed him, as he had less wind and colic that way. He couldn’t tolerate any of the formulas, even the allergy ones. He was a very unhappy baby until he was 3 weeks old, when a breast-feeding specialist saw him. He had a corrective laser procedure that took all of 5 minutes, and has not had a problem since. The lip and tongue ties can affect breathing and sleep patterns too, he’s been so much happier since then.

  18. Unbelievable! So happy for your whole family. Gannon’s news couldn’t be better. Enjoy those two little boys

  19. So glad Gannon is feeling better AND can continue to breastfeed. I’m sure Kalissa is relieved to have a diagnosis that makes more sense to her also. She’s a smart girl! I hope things can settle down a little now for you and them. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers and am sending warm hugs and healing thoughts that Roger tolerates his treatments well and has some good moments in his days. Thank you for keeping us updated, Jo!

  20. Marianne Barta

    Thank God — this is all it is. Wonderful new for your whole family. Hopefully – back to normal life!
    Prayers and Hugs

  21. So glad that you continued to look for answers and prayers that Gannon gets back to being a happy baby.

  22. Praising God for this update. That little man and your entire family has been through so much. It’s wonderful to hear that there’s some good news coming out of this. Continuing to keep all of you in prayer and I thank God for answered prayer.

  23. Such wonderful news! I am so thankful sweet Gannon is home and doing great! My oldest was an air gulper when the wind (slightest of breezes actually) blew in her face. Big tummy pains.

    I used Playtex nursers when I was away from our babes. Completely removing the air from the bag of mama milk always made sense to me.

    Both of my daughters are using Dr Bronners system. You just have to get used to not overfilling the bottles or letting them tip over as they leak. Save yourself the headache and buy the little sealing discs, sold separately.

  24. hi, so very happy for you and the baby. many yrs ago my youngest had the same thing. After many tests and a week in the local women’s and children’s hospital they found he was an ‘air swallower’. At first they thought he had appendicitis’s.. all of this was before ultrasounds.. he was abt a yr old at the time.. have faith- it will get better.

  25. I’m happy to hear that it’s not something serious. I like the Avent bottles, but perhaps that won’t be needed if he can breast feed.

  26. Glad to hear you are getting answers – although it is always frustrating especially when the little one cant explain anything. 7 years ago our first grandson was a big baby and forceps were used during birth. For weeks after his birth he was always crying and not a content baby. A friend suggested a visit to a chiropracter might be in order. We werent real believers but d-i-l thought she would give it a try. Turns out there was a dislocate in his spine from when he was born which affected his digestion. Couldnt believe the difference after just one treatment. Hoping little Gannon does nothing but go forward. Also thinking of Kramer and his journey too.

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