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My cold/flu is kicking me in the but.  Add to that worrying about Gannon and managing Carver and Anders, and I’m pooped.

I’m taking the night off and sending you to Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces.  She has the latest on Gannon there.  Find her blog HERE.

I’m down to one less dog…CeeCee was adopted and only BeeBee is left.

Life is calmer with only one puppy and easier to manage.  But, I have to say, Izzy reverts back to a puppy when BeeBee is out and playing.

My only news here is… that I’m teaching Carver to play sudoku puzzles…

…and Anders wants to suddenly start sucking on his fingers.

It’s been so hard to take care of Anders in that I haven’t held him much.  I don’t want him to get my cold.  My daughter Kelli has offered to help with him but their side of the family has Influenza A.  Kelli and the kids don’t have it yet but Jason Kelli’s husband has been exposed.  My daughter Kayla has offered to help but they have a bug at their house too.

I’m just praying we can get Gannon home and all the kids away from me.  I really don’t want them to catch this cold.  It’s a bugger.  It’s the kind that feels like there are razor blades in your throat whenever you try to swallow.  UGH.

Fingers crossed we all can get well again and things get a little less crazy.

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  1. Jo have you taken a COVID test? When I had COVID my throat was so bad, it hurt so much. I didn’t have much of a cough but my head felt like it weight 500 pounds. Not anything i want to experience again. I hope you feel better soon.❤️

    1. Katherine Gourley

      Judy, that is how I was. Horrid sore throat and a headache. I have had migraines since I was a kid and tried a migraine medicine my specialist gave me and it did not touch the headache at all. Jo, you may need more help (medically) than you have. I am praying for you—please don’t mess around. See someone in the ER if need be. You are compromised because of your cancer and you family needs you to be healthy.

    2. I had exactly the same symptoms when I had COVID. I was considering a strep test until I realized I couldn’t smell my shampoo in the shower. It was the worst sore throat of my life.

  2. Jo, I agree with Judy. Your symptoms sound just like my sister’s when she had covid. I’d get it checked just to make sure. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Jo, when my throat feels like that I gargle with Listerine. It is an antibiotic and really helps with a sore throat.

  4. Feeling so bad for you all. You’ve been through so many rough patches and here you are again. Praying that the Lord is merciful to you, Gannon and the whole family. God cares for you so much h, as do so many of your friends and blog readers. Everything’s gonna be alright.

  5. There is so much sicknesses going around all over according to what I hear on the news. It is definitely going through your families. You are doing so well to keep up with Carver and your dogs. It is so good that Kalissa was able to take Anders back to the hospital with her. My prayers continue for your whole family.

  6. DANG!! I think EVERYONE has gotten sick the past couple of weeks!! Mine started last Tues. and I went to urgent care with what I thought was a sinus infection. Had antibiotic and decongestant but wasn’t working very well. A week and a half later and feeling mostly better (though my tongue and throat are still sore, feels like thrush). Don’t know HOW you’re taking care of the kids and managing your illness. Ugh.

  7. Jo, so sorry y’all are sick and praying for healing for everyone! Also that Gannon will be home soon & well! Love & prayers for you all❤️

  8. My daughter was so sick all last weekend. My teenage granddaughter has been sick for almost two weeks. Two doctor visits and a trip to ER. Finally got tested and she has influenza and RSV. Even teens can get RSV. She has been out of school, and missed cheerleading practice and a game. Now my son-in-law is in bed feeling sick.
    Jo, you need to be evaluated and possibly tested for strep, COVID, and/or influenza so you know what you are dealing with, especially since you have been taking care of the kids. You are the sweet frosting holding the whole gingerbread house together. Take care of you!!

  9. Barbara Firesheets

    Jo, Hope you’re feeling better soon. Will be praying for you as well as sweet little Gannon. Hope the rest of the family is on the mend soon too.

  10. Jo, I use salt dissolved in warm water to gargle with when I have a sore throat. I also take zinc tablets along with extra vitamin C and my multi-vitamin inthe winter. Doctors predicted that this was going to be a terrible winter for colds and the yuck because we aren’t wearing masks anymore. I recently read that the COVID virus can live for several days on grocery store foods and items. So I’m surprised we haven’t had more illness. You have my empathy as I also get wore out carrying for the grands and none are a baby any longer. Prayers for your family.

  11. I’m sorry you are not feeling well, bummer. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that Gannon comes home soon. When it rains it pours

  12. Continuing all the prayers for all of you! Wish I were closer (and not a complete stranger) so I could help out. So, for now I am praying like crazy and sending all of the love out to you all.

  13. that bug is everywhere. My 2 great grandkids have the puking, fever, sleepiness and just plain sick. I don’t know what is going on in this world, it is very depressing is all I know. I had a BAD case of sinus infection, which I haven’t had in years. I felt really tired too. That is not good for a 80-year-old lady. I can’t help with the great grands, because I can’t afford to get what they have. I hope things get better for all of us sick people. Merry Christmas to all

  14. Hi Jo,
    I do agree with Beverly’s recipe, but do add equal amount of Jim Beam or other like whisky. I keep a small bottle in my kitchen cupboard for just that reason. My kids, who do drink. have orders not to touch it.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

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  16. I was so praying for much better news about your grandson. I’m sure it’s a terrifying experience for them. Yes I use the salt water gargle too. I also drink homemade chicken noodle- the cure all for sickness. And rub Vicks vapor rub on the soles of your feet and put socks on over it. We have Cedar fever here now till March…But thinking of your grandson – praying that he will have a breakthrough and be spared any more pain. God Bless and watch over all of you.

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