Gannon Update

So many of you have asked how Gannon’s Friday appointment turned out.  You might remember that in the past his belly has looked like this…

Well it was time to find out why.  Kalissa has been dismissed about this before so we were all worried that would happen again.

She took him to appointments with specialists on Friday.  Read the whole story about his Friday appointment here on Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces.

On a happy note:  We have some hope…someone finally believed that something is wrong.

We’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

6 thoughts on “Gannon Update”

  1. Prayers for answers. Kalissa is a persistent Mama Bear. Way to go… trust your gut and never stop until you get answers. Hopefully this can be fixed in one surgery!

  2. Glad someone is listening to her – finally! You can see just by looking at him that something is wrong. Broke my heart to hear about his crying and pulling his legs up to his chest. Praying for him and his medical team to get this corrected.

  3. Yes, I agree with the above lady. You have to speak up. The medical professional ie. Doctors have a quoteas to push through has many people they can in a day. Doctors are not God’s, they only think they are. Do your own research, I am sure Kalissa knows all this. Always trust your momma gut.
    Can you tell I am bitter? My mom’s doctor found a spot on her liver 15 years ago and never said a word. Yes, it was slow growing and still is but she has Liver cancer.

  4. That’s a big part of the battle – finding someone who will listen and investigate. Thankful she has found someone who will listen. Hope they can find answers and fix it.

  5. I”m glad to hear that some doctor actually listened to mama. You get just so many dismissals before you agree with the doctors. You have to push on. Thanks for sharing. Praying that help is on it’s way.

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