Game Night

Saturday night we got together with the Waucoma First Responders.  It was our annual winter get together.  The group is a lot of fun and filled with crazies…and I think that’s why we fit in the bunch.  Every who belongs is all caring and so much fun.

It’s really good for them to socialize and hang out together having fun times because most of the times when they are together and on emergency calls, it isn’t quite as fun.

We enjoyed a meal at the White House in St. Lucas and then headed across the street for game night.  With this group, game night can mean pretty much anything!!  This night it meant making a fool of ourselves!!

The first game, I was horrible at.  Hubby even beat me.  They took a pair of panty hose and put a quarter in each foot.  Our job was to work our hands to the bottom, retrieve the quarter and then get the panty hose off our hands.  The trick, your hands can’t touch. was kind of hard.


Getting the panty hose off was no easy trick either!!


Another game we did also involved panty hose.  A baseball was put in one foot of the panty hose.  We then tied the other leg around our waist.  Next another baseball was put on the floor and we had to swing our hips so the ball would swing forward and hit that ball that was on the floor.  We had to hit it into a hula hoop.


Here’s hubby giving it a try.


The last game of the night involved putting a spaghetti noodle in our mouth, threading the noodle into the pull tab of a can, sliding the can towards your mouth and transporting the can to another table.


For some strange reason, we were good at this one and actually had a top time.


Everyone laughed and laughed and laughed.  Several times I heard people commenting on how their checks or bellies hurt from laughing so much.  I know mine sure did!!

There were three other games we played too but I didn’t get pictures of those.  I was too busy having fun.

All in all, I think everyone had fun…that’s exactly what the group needed.  On the way home Hubby and I commented that we’re thinking we might do something like this with our kids the next time they’re home for a get together.  Only problem, some of my competitive kids might take it all a little too seriously.

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  1. Jo, what fun simple games!! Please describe what the other games were, even without pictures. We have a reunion coming up this summer and if we end up stuck inside because of bad weather, games like this would be lots of fun. What a great idea!

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