FYI: Potato Salad for a LARGE Crowd

If you are ever asked to make potato salad for 350 people, here’s what you need to know….
You need to peel and chop 70 pounds of potatos.
You need to boil, peel and chop 126 eggs.
You need to peel and chop two bags of onions.
You’ll need 7 jars of mayonaise plus all the other goodies to make the sauce. 
You will also need to have your head examined if volunteer for this (yes, I did volunteer for this)…..

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad….hubby helped peel potatos and the kiddos did the dishes once I was done.  If you peel and cook the potatos the night before, you can get the whole job done the next day by yourself in about seven hours…and now you know how I spent a big chunk of my weekend.

6 thoughts on “FYI: Potato Salad for a LARGE Crowd”

  1. Wow Jo! That’s a lot of potato salad. Looks delish. I almost made salads for our wedding barbeque of about 170 people but when I started thinking about it decided to order the salads. I hope everyone enjoyed your salad. Laura

  2. By the way, I still didn’t get to my applique – I got a piece of the stabilizer cut and was just about to start and my husband decided I needed to go with him somewhere – so that was that! Maybe tonight LOL.

  3. 70 pounds? yikes.. I’d have to cheat and order the potatoes peeled… the fruit market near us does this for not much more than you’d pay for the potatoes at the supermarket.. 70 pounds? youd have to have blisters!

    1. I mixed the potato salad up in batches. I always use the roaster liners from my roasters when I have a big job like this to do. My daughters have started to hint that I should cater their weddings….That might be a bit much.

  4. im lookin for recipe and i found yours me and my family are makeing this for A BENEFIT for a family she has canser and has giving her last rights she has two kids they have two sons one is 8 and the other is 8 months Thank you!

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