Funnies from the Grandkids

While Kramer was in the hospital and once he got home, the grandkids, or rather their parents, sent us some really cute videos.  I thought I’d share them but be warned they might take a bit longer to load but they are all totally worth watching.

Here is Georgia, Kelli and Jason’s little girl….

Here is Scotty, Buck and Lora’s guy….

Just before they posted the video, Kramer had called and told Buck to give him a hug…so, of course, they videoed it.

Last is Carver…

All of these were mood brighteners.  We are so blessed from the oldest to the youngest in our family….and everyone in between.

18 thoughts on “Funnies from the Grandkids”

  1. Aw! So sweet! Nothing perks up my day better than seeing videos of my grands and I’ll bet the same for you!

  2. How fun to see, love all those happy smiles and I’m sure its made Kramers smile from ear to ear seeing those happy faces. Hope Carver is feeling better also.
    Hugs to all

  3. How sweet!! Such a happy girl!
    Grandbabies are such a joy, a tonic for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  4. How sweet!! Such a happy girl! The boys are wonderful & cute!
    Grandbabies are such a joy, a tonic for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Sweetness – I am sure they brought lots of strength in their smiles and words. So glad you are home Roger.

  6. Marianne Barta

    How precious are those grandchildren!! I am sure that made your day. Hope you are much better — sending continued prayers. Hugs

  7. Grandkids are the best and you sure have some cute ones. Our two youngest grandkids graduated from pre-school yesterday. Before we know it they’ll be graduating from high school. Time just goes too fast!

  8. Bobbie Campbell

    They are super great each in their own way. Lots of joy for you all I’m sure. I grinned too.

  9. Those videos were the best part of his day, I’m sure! They are so adorable and so loving! Hope Roger is home soon!

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