Funnies from the Friedman’s

Here are a couple funny things that happened recently from the Friedman’s house….that’s our daughter Kalissa’s family.

On Saturday they went up to pick up the meat they ordered from the meat locker in the town north of us.  The roads weren’t the best as it was raining and mixing with snow.  But..they needed to get the meat.

Kalissa had Carver with and she took him into the store with her.  On her way out of the locker, Carver slipped and fell into a puddle.  His pants were soaked.  Immediately Kalissa started laughing…Carver did too.  Kalissa ended up having to take his pants off of him as they were that wet.  He’s been potty trained since around Halloween time so she doesn’t bring a diaper bag with anymore so she wrapped a blanket around his legs while he was in his carseat and headed home.  Carver continued to laugh and laugh about his wet pants and “naked” legs.

Kalissa carried him into the house and Carver (who now will hide and won’t let us take his picture) said to Kalissa, “Picture- Grandma Joey”.

So this picture came to me…then Kalissa had to tell me the story.  I saw him later in the day and I asked him about his fall in the water and he was laughing all over again.  He likes to be funny.  I am sure we have a class clown on our hands.

Also from the Friedman house..this….
Kalissa decided that she would try to take baby pictures of Gannon and try to avoid the expense costs of having a professional baby picture session.

She did them here up in our spare bedroom while Carver was napping here.  She held Gannon near the window and went to take a picture.  She went to take a picture and the first one was the one to the upper far left.  He had such a sour puss look on his face.  Kalissa and Neighbor Girl (who was here at the time) started laughing at his face.  Well look what Gannon did….he started laughing too.  Kalissa kept snapping pictures.  How cute.  I love the one on the upper right.

As for the pictures….she’s happy with them…he’s a peak at them.

She’s really happy with them.

I think they turned out cute too.
She tried to get a couple with Carver but he was “in a mood”.  This one isn’t bad at all….just wishing he would have looked at the camera…but like I said earlier, usually he hides to avoid a camera now.

We were kind of hoping for one with his cheesy smile.

…the good news.  We love Gannon’s pictures…and the ones with both boys are good enough to not spend the outrageous costs of newborn pictures.  With Carver how he now, I doubt a professional could get him to pose any better.

That’s what’s up at the Friedman’s house.  By the way…she’s handling the two boys really well and Carver loves his tiny baby.

16 thoughts on “Funnies from the Friedman’s”

  1. I love Carver stories! He is so precious. I hope you will put together a little book for him of photos and Carver stories that you and your daughters have written in your blog. I think he might treasure them when he gets older. He certainly will see how much all of you have cherished him and the joy that he has brought to each of you. Gannon’s photos are beautiful! That whole series of 6 photos would be cute framed together. The ones with Carver are great! I like the black and white nature of them too.

  2. Awe how sweet. Carver is already a loving caring big brother. I love that he laughed at his “naked” legs. Too cute. Great job on the pictures.

  3. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I LOVE the photos…imho, sooooo much better than the peculiar staged photos that seem to be the rage. My niece in law had some done that don’t even look like their child. Okay, off to look at Gannon some more. I adore the photos of his face.

  4. Those pictures are perfect!! I love the real, non-posed pics!! Great job, Kalissa!! Handsome littles AND so SO LOVED—you can just tell.

  5. I think the one of Carver looking off to the side (while holding baby) is lovely. It gives it a nice vibe, the way he’s not looking at the camera.

  6. SusanfromKentucky

    Great pictures! Gannon is adorable and Carver is such a little cutie! Can’t wait to watch Gannon grow and play with his big brother!

  7. “Naked Legs” is just too cute. It won’t be long and he will have shorts on and will always have naked legs. Someday…… I love the pictures of Baby Gannon, and I love that Kalissa took them herself. So much money is wasted on “professional” pictures. These are perfect.

  8. Well, the one where Carver wouldn’t give his cheesy grin actually shows off his gorgeous Dimples! The pictures all look great! Such fun to look at.

  9. I love the pictures and stories. Thank you soo much. My grands are all grown into young wonderful adults. I miss the littles, but it’s too soon for great grands. Why not give Carver treats like Ruby after a pic session? Bet he cheers up for an animal cracker with each pic. LOL We are all animals after all.

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