Fun with the Family

I had a lot of company over the last week.

Thursday Kelli and her kids came. Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of anyone except for Kelli.

Kalissa and Craig’s boys came over to play with Kelli’s kids.

Anders is at the fun playful age. Peek-a-boo is his favorite.

Gannon is back to his not wanting his picture taken stage. I thought he had grown out of that but alas, it’s back.

Our daughter Kayla’s family came on Friday. They were here when I got home from work. We had supper. It was opening day for our favorite Taco truck, Lesly’s in Decorah Iowa. Karl went over and got us all supper. YUM!!

They stayed over and on Saturday morning we went on the town Easter Egg Hunt. Here is Kayla and Spencer with their little guy Jasper.

Some of you might remember that Jasper broke his collarbone. He’s all better now.

Craig, Kalissa’s husband had the boys with him. Kalissa had worked the overnight and was sleeping. I tried to get a picture of them but again, Gannon didn’t want his picture taken.

Afterwards we all came back to my house for a bit and then they went home each going to the “other side of the family”.

Then my husband’s niece stopped by. I don’t often see anyone from my husband’s side of the family so seeing Pam is always a treat I appreciate. She works hard to stay in touch with me. It’s so sweet of her and I very much appreciate her effort.

Karl ended up coming over too and he visited with them. Our families are kind of unusual. Pam is Kramer’s niece but she’s older than me.

They left and then I had the afternoon to myself. I took advantage of the free time and went to the sewing room.

Saturday night Kalissa messaged me and asked if I would take Carver and Gannon to church for Easter services. I didn’t mind a bit. So Sunday morning Karl and I took them. Then we came to my house. Craig smoked a ham and made party potatoes…then brought them over. We had a nice meal.

We spent time going through a Waucoma history book that my friend Barb gifted to me. It is hard to believe that our little town once had 600 people in it…or that there were a lot of businesses. Karl and I spent a lot of time explaining to the boys what businesses there were…like a milliner or what a blacksmith does. It was a fun learning opportunity for us all. THANKS BARB!!

After that…it was board game time. We have two new ones that we’re playing. Modern Art

It’s a bidding game. You pretend to be an art dealer. I ended up winning. It’s the third time I’ve played. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

The other game is called Canvas.

It was my first time playing this one. I liked it but need some more practice with it before I feel like I really know what I’m doing. It’s hard. Karl and Craig play games a couple of nights a week. I only play a couple times a month. They always smoke when I’m first learning. It’s all fun though. I’d like to play this one a few more times so I can understand scoring. This is an art based came as well. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

So…That was my family-filled week. All went great and I’m happy that things are more back to normal. That isolation time is never fun.

9 thoughts on “Fun with the Family”

    1. I found your website recently and enjoy the stitching you do. Your work is beautiful. Your family time is precious and you are lucky to have them (which I know you know). I have read some of your accounts on working on borders and not always lining up and how frustrating that can be. I am working on the GH 1857 sampler on the called for 32 ct linen. It measures 19” by 18”. I finished the border today and it lineup with the right side. It was a hallelujah moment. When I finish it (months later) I bought Pet all the dogs but I’m doing the Hug all the cats. I’m looking at new patterns that have come out but putting the brakes on so I will actually finish what I have.

  1. Did you hear back from Mayo clinic if you need to do another blood test? Your work is amazing. And your family looks so sweet. God Bless you.

    1. I only got as far as my Doctor’s nurse. She was not for another blood test. UGH. I’ll write more in another blog post.

  2. What a great time with the family! I have never heard of either game you all played. It seems like you all have lots of fun games and have fun playing them together. So fun to have Karl so close and he can easily join you and the others. Maybe because I am a couple decades older than you are, but I would have gone for the couch after they left!

  3. Have you all gone to Living History Farms over in Urbandale? I bet the kids would love it. We went for school. They took us to the science center too.

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