Fun With Laurel’s Friends

When Kelli and I met Laurel last week.  Two of the gals there showed off some of the projects they were working on…I just had to share them as both ideas are real fun.

Don’t you love these bibs…boy bib, girl bibs…cowboy bibs!!  There were SO cute.

This idea was something I really should do…It’s a “trash bag” designed to slide of the knob of a stick shift.

I love to see all the creative things people are working on!!

4 thoughts on “Fun With Laurel’s Friends”

  1. I love the idea of the stick shift trash bag. My car does not have a place for a trash bag-or so I thought. I’ll make one for myself now.

  2. Those bibs are adorable! Would love to make some of those for the baby boom going on in the family. Another baby shower coming up on Sunday. Any idea where to find the pattern for those?

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