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I never thought I would say this, but one of my favorite parts of moving to our farm is becoming the heated shop.  When we first saw the house and Jason was so excited about it, I thought it was dumb and really didn’t see why it was so wonderful, but I am shortly coming to greatly appreciate it.

Jason and Puppy Shop (300x400)
And I’m not the only one!  I think that almost every vehicle has needed some kind of work in the past few months.  Jason is mechanically skilled, so he can do a lot of the work himself, however he really doesn’t like doing it.  Before when he had to do it in the cold, it made him hate it even more.  Now however, he can do it in the heated part of the shed.  And I don’t have to pay money to the mechanic shop!

The other thing that I really like is that I can bop out and say hi to him or chat a bit when I need a break from school.  It’s kind of weird because I know he’s home even though he’s not in the house.

Puppy enjoys it all as well.  Anytime we mention going outside, she gets all excited because she thinks that she’s going to get to go for a ride, so when we go out to the shop, she gets all excited because Jason is out there and then she jumps right up in the vehicle that he’s working on because she things she’s going to be able to go see Ruby.

Puppy Shop (225x400)

Overall, it’s a win-win for everyone!

I never thought I would be excited for a heated shop but I sure am!


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