Fun in the Mail

I have been having such fun getting the mail lately even though I have to step out in the VERY COLD Iowa temperatures.  My mail box has had a couple bills but the fun mail FAR out weighs the bills.

A week or so ago I asked blog readers to send me one 2 1/2″ strip of white printed fabric for a quilt we are making for an upcoming publication.  Everyone who sends a strip will be put into a drawing to receive a free copy of the publication.  Someone wrote concerned that it wouldn’t fit into a regular envelope but it does.  Just a few short days later…the letters started coming in.  We were so excited.  There is still time to send yours if you’d like to included in the fun.  Here’s my address:  Jo Kramer  1077 County Road V68  Waucoma, IA 52171

Thank you-Thank you to everyone who has send us a little goodie in the mail.  You readers are the best!!


I also got a box in the mail from Ila.  If you don’t know Ila, she’s one of our blog readers who we’ve adopted into our family….she’s just a gem.  Opening a box from Ila is like opening a Christmas present.


There were goodies galore.  Scraps for me and a few white strips for our quilt project along with a box of truffles that I’ll share.


There was also the cutest little toy for Ruby.  It’s got a tennis ball type body with rope arms.  She’s sniffing it for now….not quite sure what to what to think of it.  That’s her typical response to new toys- a sniff or two ignoring it-then in a day or two it’s a new best friend.


I have another box-with something WONDERFUL inside- that I got in the mail that I am dying to share with you but those truffles from Ila are calling my name!!  Stop back and I’ll share…the box, not the truffles!!

One thought on “Fun in the Mail

  1. jennifer

    getting the mail sure is fun, i’ll agree! funny- but I see my envelope in the pile there in the first picture! can’t wait to see what you guys are going to do with it!

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