Fun Ideas from Moline: Doorstops and Clothespins

When I was in Moline with the Mississippi Valley quilters I met June.

As June was setting up her machine, I noticed that she had doorstops wedged under the machine making it slant.  Can you see them in the photo?  I asked her about it and she said she can more easily see what she is working on if the machine sits at a slant.

Well I went to Lowes that night and bought two door stops for $2.24.  I loved them!

The whole time Kelli thought I was weird having the door stops under my machine.  Then on the last day she sheepishly said, “Mom, can I try the doorstops?”  She did and she loved them too.  I asked her if we needed to stop at Lowes on the way home…that’s when Debbie overheard us and said that she uses a clothespin with the spring taken out to do the same thing.  That idea is cheaper yet!

Thanks for the great tips gals…I’ll be sewing on a slant from now on!  It truly does help me see better.

6 thoughts on “Fun Ideas from Moline: Doorstops and Clothespins”

  1. Thanks for sharing this idea. I think I will try this out as well… I’m just unsure about how to try this since my machine kinda “lives” in a SewEzi table… that way, I’ll have to make the whole table slant – but if it helps – why not? ;)

  2. Hi, Jo! Finally made it back to PA. Thanks for the shout out. I just wanted to clarify that I use the clothespins to tilt my machine, but I DO NOT remove the spring. I think that would make them fall apart. Like the doorstops, you can adjust the tilt. It was great meeting you and Kelly and spend time with you two and all the ladies in Moline. Wasn’t it great? Later…

  3. Would I still be able to use my extension table or would I need to put something under it to slant the same way? I will have to experiment. Thanks for the share. I love to learn new tricks or the trade.

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