Fun Day Thursday

Last Thursday I had a good day.  Hubby took the head of my APQS off and I took it up to Lucy owner of o2B Quilting in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  I originally test drove machines there and eventually bought my APQS through Lucy.  Well it’s almost been two years since I bought my machine so it was well past time to have her cleaned and back up to par.  I wasn’t really having any trouble with it.  It just needed a cleaning.

As Lucy has rental machines there, I planned that while I was there waiting for Milly to be cleaned I would take one of my own quilts to machine quilt while Lucy was fixing my machine.

When I walked in I was so surprised.  Lucy had expanded.  She now had four machines up and going and had a fifth machine there ready to set up.  It’s so nice as she has a machine of each of the APQS models up and on the floor so customers can test drive them.  She also does machine quilting for hire too.  She does all of the quilting for a local quilt shop plus has many customers of her own.  She is so busy she even has a couple part time employees helping out.

Let me give you a little shop tour.  Here’s her Millennium with my Easy Street quilt loaded on it.  Lucy has all 14′ tables, big enough to handle any quilt.  My little 10′ table wasn’t big enough to handle my quilt.  Lucy’s machine to the rescue!!


I think all of Lucy’s machines have computer capabilities.  But if you are renting, you don’t have to use the computer…but you can.  This project was getting a cute pumpkin and leaf design.


Once that pumpkin quilt was finished, this one was loaded next.  It was getting a fun circle design.


Yet another machine was going too.  It’s a busy place.

So where was Lucy??  There she is.  She’s cleaning my Milly.  She needed a cleaning.  Can you believe that Lucy set up an appointment and clean my machine while I waited.  I am so tempted to ask if she cleans domestic machines too.  Mine desperately needs a cleaning but I can’t live without for three weeks which is how long it takes for that machine to get cleaned.


The shop is huge with lots of space in between the machines and places to lay your quilt out and audition possible designs.


There were quilts adorning the walls too….


Here’s something fun she did with table runners.  She used them as valances.


So cute.  I plan to do this in my sewing room.

Lucy runs a busy shop and she’d love to be your machine quilter.  She does an awesome business with a fast turn around.  Where else can you send your quilt out and have it done in three weeks? NO WHERE!!  I’ve never heard of turn around that fast.

If you’re ever looking for a fun girl friend day think about renting out a couple of her machines and learning to machine quilt with a friend.

Lucy and the gal helping that day was too were so friendly and I highly recommend her shop, O2B Quilting for machine servicing, quilt machine rental, APQS machine sales and for your machine quilting….Fast, friendly, reliable service gets me every time!!  Thanks Lucy…see you again when my Milly needs a little cleaning.

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  1. The valance is a great idea. I love it! I covered a cornice board with an old cutter quilt and liked it but really like this idea better. And unless I just happen to get slammed with a lot of quilts on the same day, I typically have a 2-3 week turnaround; sometimes sooner.

  2. Hi Jo I enjoy your blog a lot and was wondering I am signed up to receive your blog by email but I do not get them. I sign in again and it tells me I am already signed up. Any ideas what my problem could be.

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