Fun Day at the Garden Center

My favorite garden center closed. Well, actually it just got new owners. They bought the place in August and I haven’t heard a single thing about the place since then. I was a little sad and had actually started a debate in my head about where I’d buy my plants next year.

Then last week on Sunday Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations messaged me to see if I wanted to walk the dogs. It’s so pretty and I always have a great time with Carla so I said sure. Then she asked if I wanted to meet in Hawkeye a little town just south of our town. She said the nursery there was having an end-of-the-year clean-out sale. Everything was 60% off except Hostas. They were only 25% off.

The dogs would wait in the car while we shopped and then we’d walk the dogs.

It had been years since I visited the nursery. It’s only 15 minutes from my house but other than the nursery, there is nothing that would entice a person to visit (except now the park) HA!

I had told Carla that I was bringing her a surprise. I had been thrifting and found a food strainer for $2 and the attachments for $1. In the past Carla has always borrowed mine and I’ve never minded but figured for $3, it would be nice for her to have one. They are available on Amazone for $65 for the main piece and plus some for the other box of strainers.

Carla had been baking so brought me some cookies.

We both shopped at the nursery and I was impressed even though everything was picked over and they were getting ready to close the shop for the season. The owner was helpful and made things convenient for us. I’ll likely be going there in the spring for my garden plants.

Carla was so helpful to me too. She knows my garden space and I could chat with her about what plants should go where or how many I needed to fill a space. I don’t remember exactly how much I spent but it was right around $60. Did I need more plants…not really but who can resist such a good sale? Not me.

Carla and I walked The dogs around town. It was lovely. The weather was perfect and the trees in the park were amazing. So fun and so enjoyable.

I ate two of Carla’s cookies on the way home and saved one as a reward once I got my planting done.

I got busy right away. I planted two clematises’ at the back trellis’. I had planted some here this year but they didn’t make it. Hopefully, these will. I had the worst time finding some this spring and I settled for some that didn’t look the best. Then I think I should have watered them a little more than I did. Anyway…hopefully these will take.

I couldn’t resist this one. It was called Samaritan Jo. HA!

In the Spring I had an idea to put a trellis here next to the fence and plant a clematis, then train it to go over the fence. I wanted a white clematis that blooms in the Fall but the only ones I could find were $30 each. That was too much for my budget so I made plans to purchase one next Spring. I ended up buying two of them. They were only $1.99 each.

I also bought two pink hardy mums. I planted them in front of the hydrangeas that are there. They were only $5 each. Oh, I am excited to see how this will look next summer. I’ve been wanting to fill this in a little more and these plants were perfect. For the $14 I spent, I couldn’t have bought one plant at a normal price. SO FUN!

Being plants were so cheap…I had an idea. Late last Fall just before the bad weather set in, along the front of the vegetable garden, I planted a row of clearance-priced tulips and hyacinths. They were so pretty. I just loved them. The problem was I needed some there when the tulips were done so I planted petunias there. They didn’t really take and look as fabulous as I hoped they would. Standing at the nursery I thought rather than fork out the high dollars each spring for some annuals, maybe I should buy these inexpensive perennials thinking over the long haul, it would actually save some money. I bought 12 perennials that were only .99 cents each. The tulips will come up around them then once the tulips are done, I’ll pull them out and the perennials can flourish. That’s my hope anyway. Fingers crossed it’s a good plan.

I put in a mix of plants. Originally I thought about buying all of the same variety but after Carla and I talked, I decided to make it more random.

If I end up not liking the plants there or it doesn’t work, I’ll move them. It’s all good.

While I was working on the landscape, I pulled my frost-damaged impatiens and cut back some of the other plants.

I got everything done outside that “HAD” to be done. I’m hoping the weather stays nice for a bit longer as I could use another day outside before I’m completely ready to call it done for the year.

I enjoyed Carla’s last cookie when I came inside. YUM. They were so good. Happily, Carla sent the recipe so I hope to make them sometime soon. I’ll share the recipe when I do.

It was a fabulous Sunday!!

9 thoughts on “Fun Day at the Garden Center”

  1. Shirley from Calmar

    I absolutely love this nursery. Keith is always helpful. I spent the last 10 years relandscaping my home and cabin from there. Many of my clearance perennials made it and the mammoth mums get bigger and prettier each year. Even the late season trees have done very well. It must be the quality he raises. The best part, a couple years back, when I had a stroke, I spent many visits during the summer, just enjoying the beauty there for a mood boost. The last 2 years I have had some other big priorities, and honestly missed those strolls through his nursery the most. My stroll has some times been a little spendy, but well worth my mental health those tough years.

  2. What a productive day you had and fun too! It will fun to see how pretty all these plants will be come next spring/summer. Seeing the cookie made me hungry! It looks good!

  3. What a fun day. What perennials did you put in the front row?
    I’m wondering where Carla got the bags she put the cookies in and what kind of bags are they?

  4. It sounds like my kind of perfect day! I love choosing new plants and getting them in the garden, then the anticipation of watching them grow and bloom. The colours of the trees look stunning. What a great bargain you found for Carla! That was a good swap for the cookies haha

  5. Just fyi I believe clematis like to have cool roots so they do well with some low shrubbery or rocks nearby. I once heard a(very British) clematis farmer say that in the wild clematis grow at the base of fir trees with flowers far up the tree. I’ll always remember his very British accent saying…..plant them feet in the shade and face in the sun. Good luck…..I love clematis!

  6. My cousin lives in Hawkeye. He is the fire chief. I haven’t been there. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Hope all the flowers make it through the winter. I love all my perennials. So much less work in the spring.

  7. So glad you had a fun day. I always think shopping for flowers is fun. Most of my flower gardens are perennials. I did plant super petunias this year in some containers. Only one really looked nice. I was disappointed. My mother said to plant lupine in front of clematis to “keep their roots cool.” I hope all your bargains survive the winter.

  8. I visited K&K Gardens last weekend and again this weekend. Last weekend I purchased a lovely Ginko Mariken shrub at 60% discount and this weekend I purchased a Primo Arborvitae dwarf shrubs at 70% discount. I also purchased 2 Clematis at 60% discount. ( I didn’t do as well as you did on those plants.) I have a ‘town’ lot in New Hampton. I really love gardening and landscaping, but my space is small, so dwarf plants are best. K&K Gardens is a premier gardening center. I only wish I lived closer!

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