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July is county fair month around here.  We typically go to two different fairs, the county fair for Fayette County in Iowa and for the county just north of us.  Our daughter Kelli was so sweet and shared some pictures of the two fairs she took her kiddos to.

One of the biggest attractions for us is to hit the pork producer’s stand and get a pork chop.  It’s seriously some of the best eating around.  To eat it we all just grab the bone caveman style and dig in.

There was a nice little petting zoo Georgie loved.

They checked out many of the exhibits.  Again…Georgie loved it all.  She’s the perfect age for the county fair.

It’s easy to make her smile without spending an arm and a leg.  Here she is eating ice cream.

…and what’s a day at the fair if you don’t…ride the carousel.   Jason helped her.  She LOVED it.

The motorcycles, she did not love.  Kelli said she was shocked she got a picture of her smiling as she really didn’t like them.

A couple of weeks later, Kelli took the kids to the Fayette County Fair.  Our fair is FREE.  There is no money to pay to get in.  Even the rides are free.  It’s awesome!!  One night of the fair is a free community meal too.  We are super proud of our fair.

Many people have worked so far to improve the fair and they are doing a great job.  The headliners for the Saturday night grandstand entertainment were Big and Rich of Country Music fame.

Kelli went on the day of the Pig Show.  Friends of the family who helps take care of the kiddos on the weekend have teenage kids that show pigs.

They often take Georgie to do pig chores so Kelli wanted to show Georgie what happens when the pigs go to the fair.

The kids really enjoyed it.  That’s Emmett in the picture below…

…and here is Eli helping “O” show off her award.

To encourage younger kids to grow up and show pigs at the fair, they let young kids who have a friend that shows pigs into the pen at the end of the show so they can practice showing pigs.  Here is Georgie with O’s pig.

It was a fun day for Kelli and the kiddos at the fair.

I didn’t get to either fair this year.  I’m hoping I go next year.  Too many things were going on here to squeeze in the time…I’m sure glad Kelli was able to get the kids there.  I think they all really enjoyed it.

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  1. Guess what I did today! My sister and I went to the county fair, so it was really fun seeing Kellie’s kiddos at the fair. You are right that Georgie is the right age and oh my that pork chop looked so yummy! I didn’t see anything like that at the one we went to. Those Iowans know what to fix for fair food!

  2. I’ve gone to county and the state fair here in Ohio. I’ve never seen the pig show. Then earlier this year, while flipping channels, they had a show about pig shows in Texas and how competitive it is. I thought it was only in Texas, that proves me wrong. And that pork chop not only made me hungry, but it’s now on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always look forward to our county fair coming in September. Last year it was scaled back as adjustments were made for COVID, after no fair at all for two years. Looking forward to pumpkin spice donuts and huckleberry pie. Fair food in a paper bowl or on a stick is the best.
    Looks as if Kelli and family had a fun day with beautiful weather, friends, good food, rides, displays, and animals. Hopefully you can make a plan to go next year and join in the fun.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Here in NE Connecticut we have 2 4 day fairs, 4 days apart. 1st is Brooklyn fair, the oldest continuously running agriculture fair in the United States. Next is Woodstock fair , thought to be best fair in Connecticut. Our family are life members of both. We show & run antique , gas powered, hit & miss farm engines & belt run implements. These are also called 1 lung engines. I bought my late husband his 1st, from a very old farmer on the side of the road. It was small, very heavy & when the gentkeman put it in the back of my than ” Gremlin “, the front lifted so far I had to go home slowly & drive looking out the window. Hubs was flabbergasted to say the least. We have all entered many departments through the years. My sons, grandsons, daughters in law. I have only missed 1 day since 1974, oldest son never missed a day. We can’t count 2019/2020 as all fairs in the country were shut. We also try to get to other fairs in the season. We. Are a Fair family. Your fair looks like a blast.

  5. County fairs are such a great event in any community. The pictures of Georgie showing the pig was just precious. I love that all kinds of animal varieties are at the fair, what fun.

  6. What a lovely experience for Georgia to “show” a pig!
    All the children looked like they really enjoyed the county fair :-)

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