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I popped in yesterday to let you know I’m home….  I am.  I am happy-happy-happy and HOME!

Kalissa was here already this morning to check on me and brought me a box of fudge sickles.  My throat is really dry but other than than, with meds I am completely pain free.  I haven’t even been abusing the pain meds.

Kalissa is off running a couple of errands for me and getting her hair done then she’ll be back with popsickles.  I previously wasn’t a popsickle fan but boy oh boy are they great on my throat.  She’s also coming to wash my hair.  I can’t get my incision wet.  I don’t have a removable shower head so we’re opting for the utility sink down in the basement.  Then comes the big bandage reveal and I get to see how big of a scar I am going to have.

While I was at the hospital I had the very best care.  I am not an easy person to get an IV into so I ended up needing the IV Therapy team which was so nice.  In recovery I had two great helpers…my nurse Dee and CNA Becky.  A huge shout out to them for being awesome workers.  I just love to see people who truly enjoy their jobs.  Both of them did…both were professional and friendly.  Gunderson Lutheran is lucky to have them.

My surgeon was awesome too…very friendly, very open…made me feel like he was my friend.  I loved that.  I highly recommend Dr. Sdano.  Speaking of him he said that-yes both nodules were very large.  Although he can’t say for certain, he would guess that I did not have cancer in either nodule.  He said he’s seen cancerous ones but neither of mine looked like that but of course, he cannot say for certain.  It will be tested and result will back next Thursday when I go back to see him.

I promised a little story about my blog reader that stopped by and visited me at the hospital…Mary Jo.  She brought me the best basket of goodies….

All sorts of things are included.  Fabric for petting…quilt related fiction books, magazines, mints, books by her favorite author and books for my childcare kiddos….and  things that will keep me sitting and recuperating…just what everyone has ordered.

Mary Jo is so sweet.  She happens to work at the hospital in the patient library.  She’d send me an email a couple weeks ago and asked if she could stop by and I said YES.  Company would be great.  It was so nice to see a friendly supportive face.

She was worried I wouldn’t recognize her but I sure did.  I’ve seen Mary Jo a couple times before.  She always has a friendly smile and has always been fun to talk too.  Before she left I told her we needed a selfie picture…Of course I have a smirk and look awful withe the camera in the most awkward angle but I’m posting the picture anyway.  I want to remember the moment whether I look good or not.  It was really special for me!

I’m off to take in a little couch time…watch a little television and page through the cooking magazines for Mary Jo.

I’ve been saving a few things to do while recouping….I have hexies..I have Pineapple Crazy blocks to de-paper.  I also want to clean photos out of my phone….and I’m going to pet that fabric from Mary Jo.

Thanks again everyone…you all have been great to me with your well wishes.  A special thanks to Mary Jo.  You are a sweetie.  Thanks for making me feel loved.

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  1. How wonderful of Mary jo to stop in, Kindness does matter! also glad that you are home and on your way to feeling better. Rest and let others pamper you for a few days.

  2. Jo, I’m glad you’re feeling so well today! Oh, what a great goodie basket. So sweet of Mary Jo. I’ve read Earlene Fowler’s books and liked them.

  3. So nice that Mary Jo could be there for you and cheer you on. People like that hold a special place in your heart forever. So glad your feeling well. How wonderful for you to have 2 nurses in the family, you’ll receive the best care. I’m not a great fan of pain killers, I just feel so weird and out of control when on them. I’ve also needed them when the pain was beyond intense. I hope everyday is better then the one before. Your still in my prayers. Pet Ruby for me. ;-> Toni Anne

  4. Remember when you are on pain meds to take a stool softener.
    It really helps. I was once told by a nurse that every time you take a pain pill to take a stool softener pill also. Advice from one who has been there.

  5. Hospitals are great when you need them, but there is really is no place like home. Rest, recuperate and enjoy a bit of down time.

  6. What a sweet, kind gesture by Mary Jo. So glad you are resting comfortably and enjoying the popsicles and fudge sickles. Yum! Rest and take care. Hugs!

  7. So glad you’re on the good end of the process. Wishing you quick healing, but the wisdom to recognize when to rest and take it easy.

  8. So happy to hear you are doing well after surgery. I have hypothyroidism and have some of the same issues as you. I didn’t realize a couple were related to my nodules until I read what you wrote. Thank you for sharing your experience. The Fowler quilt series is a fun read. I recommend reading the entire series.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. Expect that your neck will be swollen. I had my surgery in August and then went on a cruise in November and I noticed that my neck was still swollen in my pictures. I was afraid I was suddenly stuck with a wattle but it eventually firmed up again. Get well quickly!

  10. I’m so glad everything went well for you! Let your kids baby you a little, and get some rest. My husband had the same surgery as you did Don’t fret if the scar looks swollen or red when you take the dressing off. The swelling will go down. The doctors told him to rub vitamin E oil into it regularly (after it healed up), and it all but disappeared.

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