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We have two freezers in our basement.  One is for beef, freezer items I have put up and day to day things.  The other one holds our deer meat and pork.  Recently I talked to Hubby as our pork and deer supply was dwindling and there wasn’t a lot of beef either that maybe we need to just move to one freezer.  Then the neighbor called.  They had a pig that broke it’s leg and a couple with belly ruptures.  Did we want to come over and butcher with them and buy one??

YES!!  YES we do!!

Meat prices are high right at the grocery store now so it’s especially nice to just be able to pay the price of the pig and not the butcher price.

The friends that we butcher with recently did a few upgrades on their equipment for butchering.  In three hours us six adults had all the meat packaged and other prepared for the smokehouse.  The next day we wrapped the stuff from the smoke house.

I just love going to the basement and seeing a freezer full of meat.  It makes me feel rich.  It also makes me feel really proud that we were part of getting it all to the freezer.

4 thoughts on “Full Freezer”

  1. DH’s family farm here was hogs and peanuts. I helped wrap lots of meat back in the day! Fried freshies(tender loin) with gravy was a nice reward! Miss those day now and all the sweet folks. Enjoy your larder being full!!!!

  2. I remember one spring, when we were going through a tough time, and a church member farmer called and said a pig had broken it’s leg and if we paid the processing fee we could have the meat as they had just butchered and had enough. The best pork I’ve ever eaten.So nice when people were there to help us out, and now I give back by giving quilts.

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