Fudging a Little

On Sunday I told you about a box of quilting goodies that came from Phyllis in PA.  It was chuck full of lots of things from block of the month kids to scraps to partially finished projects.

In to the box was a quilt top that was all sewn in rows but not sewn together.  That surprised me.  I couldn’t imagine being that close to a finished quilt and not sewing the last few seams.  Well I set the rows aside with the intention of sewing them together and having a quilt top for the charity quilt project.  I got to that earlier this week…and I think I might have found the reason the quilter gave it away.

Many of the seams were “off”.  Some of them by quite a lot.


See, here’s another example.Charity-Quilt-2

I’m not picking on anyone’s work.  Phyllis who gave the project to me bought it at a rummage sale from another quilter.

My work is far from perfect.  I have things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME!!  In fact, Kelli and I were at a quilting class one time and one of the other participant went up to the instructor as she was upset that she was a 1/16″ off.  Kelli and I both looked at each other and smiled as ours are 1/16″ off ALL OF THE TIME!!!  Usually they are off even further than that!  We have learned to “fudge” seams.  We do it all the time.

Look…look at the top of that quilt.  No one can see where the seam was “off”.  No one who receives this charity quilt top will care.


Granted there are some people who are putting together show quilts or quilts that will on display but even then…no one will likely see any of it.

We regularly have quilts featured in magazines.  Every single one has a fudged seam.  Every single one has a spot that I questioned if I should rip out the threads.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!


Don’t be too hard on yourself with your quilting.  Sure you need to check you quarter inch seam allowance.  Sure you need to practice good cutting and measuring guides but even if you do all that, all the time, there are still times the seam will be a little off.  Big deal.  We are all human….Fudge it!

16 thoughts on “Fudging a Little”

  1. Thank you! I love this! It’s like getting permission to be imperfect and just enjoy the process without stressing. :-) (Especially for those of us with a smidge of OCD.)

    love you!

  2. I get so upset that my work is not perfect. I remind myself that I haven’t been quilting that long (after a break of 23 yrs or so) and that I am still learning! I am also learning to “fudge”!

  3. I’m with Barb in Mi. Fudgers unite. I’ll never be able to make a perfect quilt, but
    I do try the best I can. That’s all I can ask for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Only God is perfect so I think fudging comes with the territory of quilting. Not long after I started quilting I(19 years ago) I had the good fortune to meet the lovely quilter Dorothy Stapleton ( do Google her, she made some amazing quilts, very funky and amusing) and she said that there ” was no such thing as a mistake, they were design opportunities”. Points don’t meet in the centre of a pinwheel block? Appliqué a heart on top or sew on a pretty button! Seams don’t line up? Cover with some pretty leaves or flowers! The answers or opportunities are endless. Certainly don’t look over your shoulder to see if the Quilt Police have arrived!

  5. There is a saying that “way back when”, quilters would put a deliberate mistake in their quilts since only God is perfect….well, I don’t know about most quilters, but I don’t have to add a deliberate mistake!! Mine happen all on their own….. I do try to have perfect seam allowances, and no cut off points, and no seams that don’t match up exactly, but you know what….unless it is a glaring problem, it stays in! Life is too short to worry about something that probably isn’t noticed by anyone but me!! I think it was Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Co who said “Finished is better than Perfect”…. I totally agree!

  6. I like her blue-and-rust colors. And that’s an interesting block: a Snail’s Trail with two rounds of triangles instead of the usual three.

  7. Dorothy Countryman

    Jo, you make me smile. I usually say, “Good enough!” or ask the question, can I live with that? And most times the answer is Yes. Good to know I’m not alone!

  8. Personally I like Fudge. It’s chocolate fudge, right?
    I have quilted for many years and for the first time I am doing a block of the month through a quilt shop. Fudging seams is different when you think someone is watching over your shoulder! For me most of my blocks are good enough but now…… We are only on the second month so we will see how it goes.

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