Frost…and my outdoor plants

We had such a late first frost this year.  Much later than is typical for us.  That didn’t mean that I had the garden or the plants taken care of.  You know me, I was more interested in quilting.  Well the frost warnings were put out so finally I had to tackle the garden leftovers and the plants.

Every year I vow that I am going to try to hold my plants over in the house during the winter and typically I manage to save one or two.  This year, I am actually going to try to start a few plants.  If this doesn’t work, I think I am going to give up the idea.  Plants in the spring are so expensive and if I could start them, it would save a little money….so here I go trying.

I mostly had begonias and geraniums that I’m trying to save.  My red geraniums were amazing this year.  They were big and great bloomers too…I think the best I’ve ever had!  I definitely wanted to try to save them.  My island and kitchen counter was loaded.  What a mess!!


I ended up having Hubby help by cutting milk jugs and a vinegar jug so they only a few inches high.  Then I put in water and started clippings putting the bottom ends in the water.


I did that for the geraniums too….then I hauled it all downstairs.  We have an unfinished basement with an egresss window.  Hubby set up the table in front of the window and I filled the table with plant offerings.  Here they are….

At about 10 pm that night I remembered my fuchsia was still outside…and so were my sun patience.  I ended up running outside in my jammies to go rescue them.  I didn’t take starts from these or trim them back yet.  Hopefully in a week or two I’ll tackle that when I go back and check to see if my cutting are making roots.


If Hubby gets a break I’m going to have him help me get the grow lights moved so they get a little extra boost to get some light.

Any advice from anyone?  I’m especially hoping for some advice on what to do with my fuchsia but will happily take any advice!!  I’d be so happy if this worked and I could cut down on the expense of plants in the spring.

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  1. I bring in my plants in to save for next spring, too. I use ice cream pails, pack the pails with the plants and fill with potting soil. My husband built me a wire plant stand and staggered the shelves. We have a south window in our living-room and keep them there. In the spring I start new clippings. A few years back I had a fuchsia and kept that in the south window also. It did survive till spring, but if I remember right, it needed a lot of sun, so your grow light might help.

  2. I’m so lucky I’m able to move all my plants upstairs at my shop it’s not heated but warm enough. Only have to water once or twice a month. I’ve done this for 3 years going on 4 th year 2 huge Boston ferns, Begonias, hanging baskets and all of my fairy garden plants. Saves me tons of

  3. I do this also. I have not been successful at doing cuttings though. and my plants do not look as healthy as yours do! Even w miracle grow.

  4. I pull my geraniums and shake the loose dirt off. I pinch off all the flowers and dead leaves. I put them in brown paper sacks roots first. Down in the basement they stay until spring. Bring them out, take off dead leaves and plant them up. I may loose one or two a year, but not a lot.

  5. Be sure to pinch every single flower off, Jo. It takes a LOT of energy for a plant to maintain a flower and you will be kind to relieve them of that job while they are attempting to make roots.

    My great Aunt Vida always cut and rooted her begonias and kept them in the laundry room under a grow light through the winter. There are some begonias that are tuberous and can’t be rooted by cuttings, but yours look good.

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