From UFO in the Mail to Charity Auction

I love happy stories like this.  There is just so much feel good in them that it makes my heart happy.  Nowadays it seems a person is always wrong no matter their opinion and all we hear about is the bad.  You are are proof that a lot of good is still happening too.  This story is definitely filled with good!

LaNan writes:
There it is!  All finished and ready for delivery!  I can kind of understand why the person gave up on it…I have had more fun with other quilts I’ve made!!  There won’t be a live auction this year but instead people can buy it from the ‘store’.  I have to set the price…I’m thinking $1000…does that sound fair to you?  It’s hard to see the quilting but my quilter did like a fan pattern so the back would look pretty!

Does anyone recognize this?  It’s a Harriet’s Legacy quilt.  This was sent to me in pieces about mid March.  Here’s Rosie showing off the UFO.

This is how the bag looked when I got it in the mail.  It was just a jumbled mess of pieces that really needed some sorting…and counting and more cutting.

I didn’t know what the pieces were for until I saw this pattern cover.

I loved the quilt but knew I’d never get to it so I found a blog reader, LaNan, and she offered to finish it up….

It looks MARVELOUS!!

How beautiful.  I know the original package came from Omaha….it came to me and then to LaNan.  I looked back on the blog post and no name that I found was on the package.  So blog reader in Omaha who sent this…thank you so much.  Your donation is really off to do some good in the world.

LaNan is an Iowa gal and the quilt is being donated to Shetek Lutheran Ministries.  I think they have a bible camp for kids.  What an awesome cause.  My kids all have great memories for going to bible camp and being we were sending several kids each year, the kids often benefited from a partial scholarship.

Who knows what will happen with camps this year…but I’m confident things will pass and camps will be back in the years to come.

THANKS so much whoever donated this..and to LaNan…and her longarmer who did great work!!  What a joy filled blog post!!

As always, if you have a UFO project like this that you want gone, let me know.  There are always people and causes out there that need them. I’d love to help you connect your UFO project with a quilter with a cause.


15 thoughts on “From UFO in the Mail to Charity Auction”

  1. Beautiful quilt and somebody will love it! Such a good cause. This world is filled with such good people, but it seems like we only hear about the bad ones in our news.

  2. Beautiful Quilt! And yes, Shetek Lutheran Ministries is a camp in SW Minnesota. It’s near my home town and my niece is planning to attend camp (a smaller version this year… ) in July. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The quilt is beautiful and the free pattern from Windham Fabric is still available in case one of your readers wants to tackle it.

  4. OMG!! I can’t believe that LaNan already got that quilt together. The fact that it’s done and bound, too. absolutely blows my mind! The quilt is gorgeous and what wonderful teamwork went into the making.

  5. OMG this quilt is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A worthy organization to receive this memorial/act of love and respect. Jo, it’s so awesome that you are a national conduit to get quilts finished and out into communities across this great USofA. :-) Hugs to you.

  6. I went to a girls camp at Lake Shetek Bible Camp when I was young. Love to see such a beautiful quilt donated to a great camp!

  7. I still love civil war reproduction fabrics and did find the quilt pattern online. However, I didn’t see any fabric requirements in the pattern. The picture you show appears to be from a magazine in 2006. If so, can you provide the name of the magazine? Thanks.

  8. Judith Fairchild

    I read the blog you wrote about this quilt. I see LaNan worked long and hard to get it done in such a short time. Such a quilt is worth the price it’s so beautiful. If I had a bed the right size for it I would be bidding. Thank you to everyone involved in this art.

  9. Loved the quilt when you first posted about the blocks and was tempted to ask for it, but knew that when I finished it would not like to give it away. Downloaded the pattern and started making the quilt with my reproduction fabric, got started (11) on the churn dash block today. Then the Jacob’s ladder blocks. Do you know where the quilt will be sold out of – what quilt store. Also would be interested in finding out what LaDan had problems with the blocks. Maybe I’ll find out when I start to put it together. Read your blog every day – thanks for all you write about. Robert Kent, in northern Iowa.

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