From the Mailbox…

The mail has been rolling in.  I shared a post with you last Monday and am sharing another with you this Monday.

Many of the boxes in this post came anonymously.

Those birds at the top of the box grabbed my attention.

They were orphan blocks…

There were other goodies in the box too.

Isn’t the top with the squirrel so cute?  I ended up sending these to the Cresco Ladies thinking they could add some borders on them to get them to be a little bigger.

Louise in SC sent the next box.

OH, AWESOME.  there were goodies of all sorts!

There were baby gowns for my friend that puts together the baby care kits.

There were two bundles of fabric that were labeled Cresco Ladies.  There seemed to be several panels in the mix.  I didn’t take them all apart not knowing if the pieces needed to stay specifically together.

Louise put a label on this quilt that said for Postage Auction.  This is awesome.  I just know someone is going to love this.  All of the hard work of preparing the pieces is done.  It just needs to get finished…and finishing supplies are there.  Watch for this in an upcoming auction.

She also sent along these cute Christmas Stocking panels.  There are four.  She suggested these might be able to go in the auction too.  Great idea.

There was no donor name attached to this gift…
These are diaper pins that I will pass on to my friend who makes baby care kits.

Here’s another gift that I couldn’t find a name to share with you as to who the giver is.  Again, I will pass these on to my friend.  She is going to be so tickled.

These were also sent for baby kits and again…no name.  I so appreciate the love you’ve been sending my way in the form of baby items.  It makes me so happy to deliver these to my friend.  Her face just lights up!!

Donna in Nashville sent the next box… Check this out…

She wrote a sweet note and said she knew I was collecting 30s prints and these were for me.  Oh, THANKS!!  I’m thrilled.  I’d love to make a 30’s print quilt.

There were the Red Heeled sock monkey socks too.  I should make some sock monkeys for the grandkids sometime.

There were fabric goodies too!!  Everything from orphan blocks to panels to regular fabric.   Ray has a goal of making a few Quilts of Valor so I plan to send that panel to him.

Like most of the boxes in this post, this one came anonymously too.

The kiddos made out big time with these goodies.

Check it out.

The fabric was all perfect.  I have a panel of the abc fabric on the left already.  The Fireman panel will go for the firemen’s benefit and the flannel to my friend who does the baby kits.

Check out the wonderful dress-up clothes.  These are going to be loved on big time!  The food sets will too.  I love good-quality toys like these.  THANKS!!

There were lots of heart paper doilies.  We’ll have to come up with a good project with those…paper too.  There is never enough paper around here.

Joyce sent a package too.  Joyce had been sending fabric my way for a long time.  I’ve never gotten a note before and I was so happy to get one.  She is downsizing and is gradually sending fabric my way.

I say this all the time.  The relationships I have with all of you are so one-sided.  I wish I knew all the things about you as you know about me.  Getting notes like Joyce’s was so appreciated.  I love knowing more about you all.

Another anonymous box…

There were lots of goodies packed into the box.

I set aside the two large cuts of fabric.  I keep a pile here of that if I have finishers that need backing fabric.  Mine got cleaned out by Janet who makes quilts for foster care kids.  She picked up a bunch of tops and I let her go through and take any she thought she could use.  I was left with none and that’s perfectly fine.  I want it all to get used.  I’m happy to have these to start a collection again for the next finisher that needs some.

There were lots and lots of orphan blocks and pieces.  The Cresco Ladies love these so I will send them their way.  THANKS!!

Joyce in FL sent the next goodies…let me tell you a little about Joyce.  She’s a sweetheart.  She emailed me one day.  She was at work at the Walmart where she works in Florida.  They were clearancing out fabric.  She sent me these pictures.

Joyce said that fat quarters were 10 cents each.  Yard cuts were 25 cents and fabric on the bolt was 50 cents a yard.

She was planning on buying a lot…check out all of the goodies!!

Yep, there’s more…

Still more…

…and even more.

The bolts have 8 years on them so that would only be $4 for 8 yards of fabric.  Oh my.

Joyce was so sweet and she decided to share her jackpot find.  These are two boxes of goodies she sent my way.

Here is what was inside.  Oh my!

Indeed… 25 cents for a one-yard cut!!

I ended up keeping the John Deere fabric.  I think I will make a John Deere quilt for a benefit next year.

The other fabric is going to Julie who lives north of me in Minnesota.  She makes a lot of pillowcases for people in need.  These one-yard cuts are perfect for that.

She was so excited when I contacted her asking if she could make good use of these.  I have an appointment at Mayo Clinic in September so I will hand-deliver these.

There were fat quarter bundles…check it out…25 cents for those too.  I sent these to Christi.  She makes foster care quilts.  I thought these would be good for that.

I just want you all to know…when you send goodies, the gift keeps giving.  I was happy to get the goodies and to pass them on.  The charity quilters are happy that they are appreciated and given goodies.  Later the recipients of the made item and so happy too.  Thanks so much to all who have given today and have given in the past.  It is much appreciated.

If you have goodies you can send them my way but you can also check the list of people who appreciate donations.  You can find that HERE.

7 thoughts on “From the Mailbox…”

  1. You have the best fan club Jo. Your caring and sharing nature has created a community of abundance for those with talent to serve those in need. A magnificent circle indeed :-)

  2. What an amazing bunch of friends your blog readers are! This is how the world should be, giving kindness and help without expecting anything in return. It’s so heartwarming to see there are such lovely people out there (and I include you, Jo, in this comment) xx

  3. So much wonderful fabric! So amazing the price of the Walmart fabric. One can only imagine all the beautiful quilts that may be made using the fabric.

  4. Sandy Bouta-Kill

    Jo, you are so generous with your time and talents!! I admire your giving spirit. I recently viewed your sewing room tour video and had two questions. How tall is your sewing island? And where did you buy the shelving units in your sewing room closet? Thank you for all that you do.

  5. I am still looking for donations of fabric for my single mothers program. This program is sponsored by the Baptist Children’s Home in Florida. Anything is welcome.

    Paula James
    10708 Edgewater Lane N.
    Tampa Fl. 33612-6535

    1. Paula…Please send some pictures, some more info about what the exact program is with the goals, along with a list of what you need and I’ll write something up on the blog for you. Hopefully that will bring some donations your way. Jo

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