From Tablecloth to Towels

I haven’t cleaned my sewing room yet but I did stop long enough to clean off the cutting table.  Sometimes a girl has just stop and do it.  I had one of those days.  On the cutting table I had a big red and white picnic style table cloth.  I had gotten it at an auction and decided I would someday cut it up and make it into dish towels.  I really don’t use table cloths much so I thought it would be a good idea….and I’m too cheap to buy new dish towels in town.

I had noticed that I had seemed low on dish towels lately so thought I might as well sew these up and get using them.  I cut the tablecloth into 10 pieces.  Then I started hemming them.


It isn’t a hard job…just tedious.


After they were stitched I fold them and took them downstairs to add to the towel bin.


I keep them in the pull out bin in the kitchen.  I put them in the bin and 20 minutes later needed a new towel.  They weren’t in the bin.  I thought I was imagining things.  Well…maybe I didn’t put them in the bin.  I looked around the kitchen.  I didn’t see the towels anywhere.  Hmm….where could they be?  I looked again…no towels.


Then I looked and the bin wasn’t quite closed.  Then I wondered if the towels had somehow got thrown behind in back of the bin.  I wondered how to get them out and came up with this idea….I pulled the drawer above the bin out.  Then pulled the bin out.  It can’t come free from the cupboard as it is hinged on the bottom.  Then I stuck my arm behind the bin and to the floor.


I reached as far as I could…and yep.  There were towels but not the new ones I had just hemmed.  I reached in a few more times.  I got towels each time but not the new ones.  I finally got the kitchen tongs and reached down with them.  I snagged the new towels.  I ended with about 20 kitchen towels that had fallen behind there.

I had been missing some towels but with childcare, I use them a lot.  I use them as rags for cleaning up kid messes or even at times as a burp cloth.   Some flour sack ones I use when I clean windows.  I had been feeling like I was short on towels but had always just assumed they were in the laundry….well now I know.  If I run out of towels, they are behind and under the bin.

It’s good to know I’m not crazy and really did put the towels in the bin….only problem, now that I found the old towels…I really don’t need the new towels.   I guess I’ll just set them aside for now and will cull out the old towels next time Hubby asks for rags for in the shop.  Then my newly hemmed towels can come out and be used.

3 thoughts on “From Tablecloth to Towels”

  1. You never know what will be found behind those bins! When I moved into our first home, our kitchen had a tilt out flour bin as well, and while cleaning saw some paper behind the bin and pulled out some old recipe papers from the 50′ and 60′ – they were a lot of fun to look at, and I have most of them still. Not sure how they ended up back there, but it was fun. :-)

  2. A friend of mine dropped something behind her stove and when she pulled it out to retrieve the dropped item, she found 13 cat toys! haha… Of course they cat thought it was Christmas with all the “new” play things. Fun times…

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