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I get so many emails that include fun things.  I thought I would share them with you today.

The first email came from the Mayfields.  Sue was helping a neighbor move and the neighbor didn’t have a need for these and Sue didn’t either so, they are being passed to me.  I’m thrilled.  They are so cute and I have some vintage sewing baskets that will be perfect for them.

Lynn tried her Third Hand Binding Tool and wrote:
Love it, did not know 440 inches of binding could be pressed so fast.  I am a long-time quilt maker.  Love it’s made in America.”

You can read my review of the Third Hand Binding Tool HERE.  If you didn’t try one yet,  you can go to their site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 10% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

When I was showing you that I had my …Double Wedding Ring Quilt on the longarm, I told you the backing was from an auction I went to.

I told you that you could read the blog post about the auction HERE.  I only paid $30 for the tote of fabric this backing fabric came in.  What I didn’t tell you that a blog reader pointed out to me was that later, I went through all of the fabric I bought at the auction.  I tallied it all up.  Several of you found the post and thought it was interesting.  I thought I’d leave a link HERE to the follow-up auction post that others enjoyed reading.

Blog reader Sue was so sweet and offered to send me the black fabric I could use for my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  I ended up turning her down.  I was wanting a black printed fabric, not a solid-  Something that is a reproduction fabric with a really small print.  Thanks for the offer, Sue.

Rita shared with me two Disappearing Nine Patch quilts she made for her grandsons.  Such great-looking quilts!!

The disappearing nine patch is a quilt pattern that never disappoints especially in batiks.  So pretty!!  Thanks for sharing these Rita.

News from Karin, our volunteer quilt finisher:
Karin broke her hip and took a 1 1/2 hour drive via ambulance to the hospital and had surgery.  She’s slowly improving.  She felt bad as she’ll be out of commission for finishing quilts for a bit.

Please leave a comment for Karin in the comment section if you are so inclined.  I know Karin reads the blog and will appreciate your good wishes.

You all might remember that Karin finishes quilts and then donates them to emergency services to be given out to those in need.  Karin writes:  “The firemen that responded knew that I was the one giving them all the quilts.  They were tickled that they could be there for me when I needed them.

Isn’t that the sweetest?

I can’t remember if I shared this previously or not.  I decided to share it and if I already shared it, you will get double the pleasure.

I LOVE this in blue.  Absolutely fabulous. It almost makes me want to make it again.

This is our Inspired by the Past quilt that was featured in American Patchwork and Quilting.  You can read all about it HERE.

I did a block tutorial HERE
and did a quilt remix that you see below HERE.

Cathy in Central Texas sent me a note.  She writes:

I really enjoy your blog and while visiting it a while back, I read about your quilt ‘Tulip Bed’. I just fell in love with that quilt and was thrilled that the pattern would be coming out shortly in American Patchwork, which I subscribe to.

When I got the magazine, I started by making some test blocks of the tulip.  I’m not the most experienced quilter and I just couldn’t make those templates work for me.  Finally, I searched for a 12 1/2 inch tulip block online and found one that was in my skill range and I just added panels to each side to make it a 12 1/2 inch size.  Your 9-patch block is lovely.  I reduced the size to 72″ x 72″.

I thought you might like to see my interpretation of your great quilt. This is for a friend and I think she’s going to really like it!

I love it and applaud Cathy for making it her own.  I love that I could be the jumping-off point.  Congrats on an awesome quilt.  I just know your friend will love it!

Felecia asked:
I love your gray quilt with all the colors.  It is hard to decide which one of the two is prettier. How big is the center of the Churn Dash?  And how big is the block?

She is talking about these quilts.  You can read more about them HERE.

The fast answer is that everything is 2″ based.  The squares are cut at 2″ square throughout the entire quilts.  The half square triangles are 2″ unfinished.  The width of the sashing strips are cut at 2″ wide.

I am hoping over the summer to get a free pattern written up for these but we’ll see how time goes.

Good news on another front.  You might remember these quilts…

My green leftover quilt…Read more about it HERE.

My Red Diamond Crumb quilt…read more about it HERE.

My Stained Glass Quilt…read more about it HERE.

All of these will be in upcoming issues of Quilter’s World…this one will be too.  So, it you don’t have a subscription to the magazine and would like to have the pattern for any of these, I suggest subscribing.

I’ve been working the editor, Carolyn, and she’s so excited about them all.  I believe the last one I showed will be in the fall issue…the rest will be featured in 2023…so now you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m THRILLED to be working with them!!

That’s as far as I got as I was working my way through my email.  Oh, what a job.  There is probably another whole post of goodies to share with you there but, I’ll save those for another day.

25 thoughts on “From My Email…”

  1. I just ordered the Third Hand binding tool and am happy to report the code JoSentMe gives a 20 percent discount.

  2. Rebecca Hoetger

    Karin, sending and best wishes for a speedy recovery! How wonderful that you and the firemen met in mutual appreciation!

  3. Oh dear poor Karin! Prayers for healing for her.

    Now for the quilts you shared with us. The boys I nanny for both “fell over and fainted” when I showed them the green leftover and the stained glass quilts. They’re 6 and 3 years of age and truly are very appreciative of handmade goods whether they are baked goods, textile, thread, or fiber based! I’ve been teaching them simple history of the crafts I enjoy and they soak it all in like little sponges. I love passing our crafts to future generations, hoping it keeps them alive!

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Karin. Love the firemen’s reaction when they realized who they were transporting. Praying for grace and patience as you heal.

  5. How to see the questions and what others have sent or asked about. So many beautiful quilts that I would love to make, but for now, I’ll just enjoy seeing yours.

  6. Oh, Karin! I’m so sorry about your accident! I now know more than I ever wanted to about hip surgery. I’m recovering from a total hip replacement, but at least I got to schedule mine.
    Soon you will start P.T. (Spoiler alert: it’s not as much fun as you might think it’ll be. Do it anyway!)
    I’m praying for your swift and complete recovery

  7. Karin, wishing you a speedy recovery. What a fun story about those firemen. I’m sure they were truly delighted to be able to help someone that makes their jobs a little easier.

  8. Bonnie in SE CT

    Sending hope and prayers for a speedy recovery, Karin. Thanks for the quilt show, Jo! I just love seeing them.

  9. Karin as a volunteer with our fire department and also a PA I know long ambulance rides can be difficult , what a comfort you provide others with your quilts . Hope your hip mends soon and you are back to quilting . Thank you for your service to others. May Gof bless you daily .

  10. Karin, if you are reading this, I hope you recover quickly and completely! So sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you were able to get help quickly – how lovely that your responders knew and appreciated you and your work!!

  11. Karin, I hope your recovery is a swift and complete. Thank you for all you have done in donating quilts to others who have been in similar situation to what you found yourself in. I am sure they have been very comforting to them.
    Jo, congrats on having your quilts accepted for publication! What an honor! We will look forward to seeing them in future issues.

  12. Loved reading your post, especially re-reading the two Auction ones. I wonder what was made from the surplus fabric you offered for Charity quilts? Perhaps now you have written this post you may get some emails telling what became of your kind gifts?

  13. Margaret in North Texas

    Karin, I will be praying for you during your recovery. I guess the circle was complete when the firemen responded to you and you donating quilts to them. Jo, love your blue quilt!

  14. Karin, I hope you feel all the prayers coming your way! I bet the firemen were delighted to be able to help you (but not delighted about your predicament) and treated you like a queen. I hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

    Jo, all these quilts are beautiful! I am ready to start on my red diamond crumb quilt!

  15. Quilter Laney

    Once again, Jo, I marvel at the amount of quiltmaking you accomplish, 2 square inches at a time!!! LOVE your scrappy quilts.

    Sending wishes to Karin for a complete and speedy recovery. I reminded of a greeting card I saw … “Lord grant me patience – but hurry!” I know PT is hard and tedious, but please be sure to follow thru with it.

    For those who don’t yet subscribe are wondering, “Quilter’s World” is a great mag – and one of the few independents left in the print market. I look forward to getting the issues with Jo’s patterns!

  16. What an interesting post, Jo. It felt like a visit with friends. My thoughts are echoing so many others’ for Karin. While it is truly unfortunate that she broke her hip, it’s so nice that her first responders know her and were there for her. Karin, praying that your healing process is smooth and that you find creative ways to pass the time. Blessings

  17. Missy Reynolds

    Thank you so much for your review of the binding tool. I was so excited to see frost they have a 3” version as I use that width for my bindings so I can apply it entirely by machine and get a nice result on the back. I hate pressing binding because it constantly fell off my ironing board and got tangled. This tiny little thing is fabulous!!! Makes fast work of an aggravating necessity!! I also bought one of the little trash bins. I love having it right next to my embroidery machine for those pesky threads and not need a big trash can taking up floor space (and kicking it from side to side to get it out of the way!)

    Sending prayers and best wishes to Karin for patience to recover. It’s so hard to follow orders when you are a quilter!

  18. I picked up a Quilter’s World magazine a while back and loved it, but I subscribed BECAUSE Carolyn is the editor and she has done a wonderful job at every magazine she has worked on! Looking forward to having the patterns for your quilts. Your book is one of my favs!
    I hope Karin never needs to replace the other hip and has a wonderful time in PT…well, I am sure she is getting the picture that the surgery was the easy part of this process! lol

  19. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Karin, sorry to hear of your accident. Prayers for a fast recovery and thank you for the quilts you make. You were rewarded with kind fireman transporters!

  20. Hi Karin,
    Take care, thinking of you.

    Hoping to get my pumpkin seeds planted today. After a very wet cold spring, now I’m praying for rain again.

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