From Kid to Mom

I have to laugh…and actually laugh right out loud at some of the phone calls and messages I get from Kalissa.

The other day I was at the computer and writing blog posts when a Facebook message pops up from Kalissa….  “I’m sorry for all the times I acted out in a restaurant and threw my food and toys and bottle and everything on the floor.”

Apparently she was at a restaurant with Carver along…and you guessed it.  He was throwing everything on the floor.


I also got a message from her that said, “I’m sorry for all the times you yelled at me and I just smiled.”  She went on to explain that Carver is getting into the power cords in the living room.  They had done everything to try to get to stay away but he’s smart and figure everything out.  She put pillows over them and he throws them aside.  She said she was so frustrated that she tapped his hand to swat it away and firmly said “no” and he thought it was a sign to play “patty cake”…and then started clapping his hands.  She then explained to me that she discovered a whole new way to become frustrated!

I’ll be honest, it was all I could do not to laugh and laugh and laugh.


What can I say…It was pretty funny…and yes I do remember those days with our kids.


I explained to Kalissa that she has get a “stone” mad face and changed her tone of voice.  She said she did and he still laughed.


I am confident that she will figure it out…and he will too.

As silly as this all is, I can’t help but feel a touch sad about it too.  I was 24 when my mom died.  At the time we had three little ones, Kelli was 3, Kayla 2 and Buck was a baby.  It was hard.  I can vividly remember wanting to call my mom many different times and tell her the exact same things….”I’m sorry when I was a kid that I (did whatever it was)”  because my kids is doing it now and it stinks.  I would have loved to be able to apologize for my childish ways and oh my, my bunch of kids gave me plenty of reasons to make me want to apologizes to her!”


I’m so thankful for this time in my life.  I get to be Carver’s grandma but more so, I get to see Kalissa go from kid to mom.  She’s doing a great job at it.  It’s such a blessing to watch and see them grow…the little ones…and big ones too.

I often look at things in life and think…wow..Mom would have loved to see that!  I sure am hoping I’m here for quite awhile longer because I don’t want to miss a thing…including the 5000 more apologizes that Kalissa will likely have reason to give to me.

6 thoughts on “From Kid to Mom”

  1. Carver is sooooo cute !! Must be impossible to get mad at him !! Enjoy the wonderful times, cause they’re gone too soon!

  2. I am enjoying watching the cutest little girl grow…. but observing how her mom and dad interact and work at parenting has been very special……

  3. Jill McCaughey

    The day my first grandson was born my daughter said”Oh, Mom, I can’t believe you can love someone so much”, and I replied “Now you know why teenagers are allowed to survive!”
    She has thanked me so many times, and apologized for her behaviour, and I just nod and tell her that’s what being a Mom is all about–and that you NEVER aren’t a mom, until you die, and you still worry and care deeply about your children’s well-being. It’s the circle of life in wonderful ways. Enjoy being a grandmother, cherish the moments.She will, too.

  4. My oldest daughter called me a few years ago and apologized for interrupting my bubble bath time. Just the fact that she recognized what I was doing had me chuckling, now that she’s a mother to 2. I only had 3, but someone was always fighting with someone else. I used to escape at end of day in a tub of bubbles. She’d always come in and want to talk. Actually, I never minded because it gave us one on one time, which was hard to come by then. I was lucky enough to have my Mom into my 50’s, but I still miss her everyday and regret that she was not able to see or know 4 of her 6 great grandchildren.

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