From Dead to Alive!

You all know I love my MP3 player as I use it all the time listening to audio books.  This is one I use and have been very happy with it SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player .  Before this I had a different SanDisk version that has been discontinued.

I have had so many people tell me I needed to read The Girl on the Train.   I put a hold on the book through the on line library I use and even though there was more than one copy I could see that I’d be on the wait list for a long time…close to 12 weeks.  I told myself to be patient.  As another person would write and tell me I needed to read the book I’d go over to Audible and put the book in my cart and then cancel.  I was on the list and didn’t want to waste money….be PATIENT!!  (But patience truly is not my virtue).  I think I did that two times…then I went back to the lending library and saw that I was slated to get the book in two weeks.  I looked at my schedule and could see that I was too busy to listen to a book anyway so I waited.

My notification finally came and started plotting on how to get listening time in….Ruby would get walks-not bike rides.  I’d try to get more chores done during nap time so I had more evening time to listen.  The plan was set.

So Tuesday I started out on a walk with Ruby and listened the whole time.  I got home and made plans to go upstairs to sew.  As I was going up the steps for no reason the player died.  WHAT!?!?!  I’d been waiting all this time.  Dead battery..right?  WRONG!!

The player was dead-DEAD.

I immediately went to Amazon to order a new one.  Got it ordered and on it’s way.  Only problem.  I had transferred the book and couldn’t transfer it again.  So just as I was going to go over to the lending library and put my name back on the list to hold the book, I decided to Google “Sandisk Clip MP3 Player dead”.  I did and this video came up.

In about one minute the MP3 Player was fixed and working.  Ahh…..

Now back to Amazon to cancel the order.

I hope this book really is as good as everyone says.  It has had me up and down so many times and I haven’t even listened to the first chapter yet!!

8 thoughts on “From Dead to Alive!”

  1. I use my phone to listen to audiobooks. Overdrive and Hoopla let me listen to library books, and for 8.99 a month Scribd has a huge selection, with so far an unlimited # of books I can borrow.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    So glad you got it going again! My laptop died on Wednesday, so Thursday I drove to town (85 miles, one way) to Best Buy to get another one. Mine was 4 years old and was really slow! While I was waiting on the salesman, the Geek told me what to do to try and revive my old computer…I bought a new one (ouch), drove home and tried his trick – yep, sure worked! So now I have a much faster laptop and my old one for a storage of pictures, etc. Carbonite is downloading everything I had stored on it onto my new computer…it will take DAYS to get it all moved over!! I couldn’t even get online to search for a fix!!

  3. I use a sansa fuze to listen to audio books. I am on my 4th one and hate to see the day it dies. I bought a clip for my grandson and think I would like it. It was $20 then. I wish I had switched over to one of those years ago.
    Do you have a case and arm band for your clip? I was searching amazon for one-thought I should just buy buy a clip to have as a backup. If you do, which one do you have and are you happy with it?
    I am next on the long list to get this book. It sounds like it should be really good.

  4. Josie McRazie

    I love my SanDisc! I had the older one (silver and kind of lipstick tube shaped) my only complaint about that one was it had a battery and I went through them WAY to fast! I purchased the newer one (like yoy have above) and I love that the new one charges! Let us know how you like the book!

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