From Country to Farm House…a rags to riches story

When Kalissa and Craig lived at their first house they bought a table and chairs off the the local for sale group on Facebook.  The table was good for them and they enjoyed it.

They moved to the house they bought and still used the table and chairs.

Then Craig built them a table that is really nice.  It’s big and can seat many more.  The table ended up out on their covered porch and they used it in a outdoor space.

They she decided she didn’t like it anymore and was ready to be done with it.  So she called a local guy that buys wood furniture that is in good shape and redoes it and then sell it.

He bought the table for the same price Kalissa paid for it several years ago when she bought it used.  So they used the table for 4 years at no cost.  Cool.

About four days later Kalissa was looking at Facebook and this popped up in her feed….It’s her table!!!

The guy who bought is did his magic on it and gave it the farmhouse look.  It looks fabulous.  He ended up taking it to the antique and vintage show he went to and sold it.  He said it was the first thing that sold at the show.  The buyers couldn’t take it immediately so all the shoppers kept asking and asking about it.

I think it turned out really nice!!  I would have never thought to paint it like that.  I’m so glad I know the backstory on the piece.  It makes me like it even more.

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